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Leviathan Gallery! Post your Leviathan pics

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And the Wraith has arrived!


IMG 0587

The components

IMG 0588


The Haunter - didn't know what to expect of this thing, but it wasn't this...still...not unhappy

IMG 0591

IMG 0590


One thing I like about it is that all the parts that need to be glued for construction are not exposed in any way - I can paint each individual part and then assemble later without a problem.


I also like how the hull throws back a bit to the Directorate starship hulls with the panelling.



IMG 0592


Size comparison - given its size compared to the Terquai shuttle, I would hazard a guess that this thing is capable of sub-orbital flight. No need for a drop pod, maybe just a drop shield.

IMG 0594

Not a sight I would want to see in my skies....

IMG 0593


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hi All


I've just managed to finish painting my Wraith


decided to go for a silver grey colour to match the drone I have in my heavy helix, whilst the Haunter is a metallic green to match the rest of my Dict units








and the rest of my Directorate units



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hi all


if you haven't been following my Aquan thread, I've been working on my Leviathan which I managed to get last week and thought I would post a few pics here


I've gone for a nautical theme (unsurprisingly) and I wanted to move the base colours from a rich green, through teal to a blue colour and then highlight specific areas to match my Aquan force


I'm really pleased with how this model has turned out and I have to say its well worth picking up just as a painting challenge as I had to change how I paint to get the results I wanted


anyway enough waffle on with the pictures


1) aerial shot with a couple of Aquan stands for scale




2) frontal view again with other models to show the size of this thing




3) side view showing the tops of the legs




and finally 4) a close up of the head section


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