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Leviathan Gallery! Post your Leviathan pics

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The Odin is 12 cm high, very stable!, i thing the grey resin is the "new" light wight resin delboy told us about it.

building was realy easy, you are able to magnetise the machine gun and the legs/body if you want. 


i had one issue, the right foot (cameras pov) has a gap. i have no problem with it, he stand  stable.


WIP picture:



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yes he has ball joints, between foot and leg, leg and torso and between torso and "head/arms" head and arms are one large resin block =). you will be able to let him look up to 45% in the air i thing. also you can turn him min. 180%.


all in all a good model... you are able to switch position of the  dual laser with the nexus generator. or maybe put 2x2 dual laser on it :ph34r:  :D

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