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New project - New stats for new models

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I like the idea of Armoured Clash - a streamlined version of the DW rules that allow for mass combat, the full maneuver of regiments, massed infantry and full wings of aircraft. I've always liked these high-level games.


But, as has been noted and mentioned on several occasions, the rules for Armoured Clash haven't been updated since August 2013, as well as the stats for new models, such as the Chinese and Indian armoured models, haven't been included yet.


Given that my own chances of getting a game in of...well anything really...on a regular basis is minimal, I thought I might get a new project started to remedy this situation. Updated Orbats for new models, new stats for new models, as well as the resultant new formations that would come from these.


However, I must note that I cannot do this alone. One man cannot develop and validate such stats since confirmation bias will inevitably seep in, and I sure as heck can't do all the playtesting myself. So I must ask you, the community, if you can provide assistance on this measure - even if it is just providing an additional mind to the task. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.




So, the last update to Armoured Clash was August 2013. Since then, a heck load of new models have come out. both armoured and aerial, and they need to be codified and put into formations. Some, from what I can see, will be relatively easy from - CoA Capek Interceptor, for example, will simply be a new battalion option to the CoA Aeronautical Support Asset formation. Other units, such as the Chinese and Indian armoured forces, will require new formations all together.


First task is to determine how much work is needed for the project. Going from the online store, the following models will need to have stats generated for them. (The models in brackets I don't want to do immediately, as I want to see what the DW stats are before attempting a translation). Also, I want to try to not create any new MARs if possible, or any new Generators...which I realise will not be entirely possible, since I want to try to include stats for GNE ships.


(Halifax Heavy Bomber)

(Adler Heavy Bomber)

Zerstorer Strike Bomber

CF-4 Medium Tank


(Suzaku Heavy Bomber)


(B-72 Heavy Bomber)

Philadelphia Land Ship

PBY-2 Sea Plane (a bit iffy on this one...)

Avion Strike Bomber

Jackson Medium Tank


(Hyperbius Control Flyer)

Euclid Sky Dreadnought

Capek Interceptor

Alea Sky Escort


(Roussea Heavy Bomber)

(Pascal Medium Bomber)

Alsase Land Ship

Alma Frigate

Marseilles Light Cruiser

La Rochelle Heavy Battleship

Magenta Battleship

Reims Light Tank


(Kirchev Heavy Bomber)


Perun Mobile Airfield

Triglav Assault Carrier

Rarog Land Ship

Dazbog Battleship

Marowit Gunship

Podaga Cruiser

Bagiennik Heavy Frigate


Antaka Land Dread

Ajagava Heavy Bombard

Tarakee Light Tank

Vimana Medium Tank

Agra Gun Carriage

Megha Robot Elephant


Tian Long Robot Dragon

Zhanmadao Dreadnought

Shenlong Assault Land Assault Carrier

Feilong Sky Fortress

Dun Floating Bastion

Shi Medium Robot

Chi Long Assault Flyer

Luxing Air Bombard

Zhulong Interceptor

Chiwen Medium Tank

Chao Feng Bombard

Yazi Small Tank

Fushi Robot


Balliste Sky Fortress

Hasta Heavy Bomber

Pilum Airship

Stiletto Interceptor

(The Fortuna Bomber will not be included, since that unit is specifically a Torpedo Bomber/Flying Boat...but open to discussion)


Sadrazam Battleship

Fettah Cruiser

Zuhaf Mine Layer

Mizrak Frigate


Fafnir Light Sky Fortress


Forbes Support Blimp


Elysium Sky Fortress

Phoenician Scout Flyer

Oceanus Bomber

Hades Interceptor


(Retribution Sky Fortress)

(Chimera Airship)

(Wraith Light Airship)

Manticore Support Vessel




Ok, that's a lot of models...66 by my count.


A lot will just simply be added to existing formations - the Philadelphia and Jackson to the FSA Armoured regiment, the Capek to the CoA Sky Support etc.


But as for new/severely modified formations, I'm thinking of the following...


All Sky support regiments - add Heavy Bomber option


CoA Primary Aerial Support Echelon - add Euclid Option


Modifying the French Aerial regiments to reflect that the Tourbrillion is now a Sky Fortress


PLC Land Carrier Regiment

PLC Heavy Assault Regiment - Rarog/Grunwald + support


Raj Fortress Regiment - Land Dread + support

Raj Armoured Regiment - thinking of allowing the KoB to include one of these regiments per force as a standard combat regiment, but not one of the compulary ones

Raj Sepoy Regiment - infantry + Tarakee tanks as APCs - allow allow KoB to take one of these.


Chinese Aerial Regiment

Chinese Sky Fortress Regiment

Chinese Imperial Command Regiment - Tian Long OR Zhanmadao + Fushi Robots 

Chinese Land Carrier Regiment

Chinese Army Regiment - Infantry with Chiwens as APCs, with Bombard support - thinking of allowing the EotBS to take one of these in the same manner as the Raj Armoured and Sepoy regiments.

Chinese Immortal Regiment - Shi and Fushi Robots


Italian Aerial Regiment

Italian Sky Fortress Regiment


HEC Aerial Regiment

HEC Sky Fortress Regiment


Black Wolf Aerial Regiment

Black Wolf Sky Fortress Regiment

Black Wolf Support Regiment - change out the Manticore squadron support to have Robots instead of mini-subs


Not too sure how to include the Forbes, but maybe as an EIMC Sky Fortress Regiment?


For the GNE Ships, I'm thinking of having a formation where the command is a single battleship or Cruiser squadron, with light ship support battalions, to represent that these aren't common units. The regiments included would be


Ottoman Support Squadron

French Support Squadron

PLC Support Squadron

PLC Support Carrier Squadron

Kingdom of Denmark Support Carrier Squadron




OK, that was an exhaustive first post, but we should now have an idea of what is needed. And we can use this post as a checklist for our progress. Anything you think I've missed?


Summary Spreadsheet:



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After a bit of thought, I gonna have to agree with Naz - Spartan has always had a "no model left behind" policy when it comes to updating stats, so I don't see why we shouldn't here. The Fortuna goes in.




So, lets start with some easy stuff, get the ball rolling.


Jackson Medium Tank

Philadelphia Land Ship


CF-4 Medium Tank


To be quite honest, I think we can pass off the Jackson and Philadelphia straight off as just "alternate skins" to the Washington and Trenton in the Federal Armoured Regiment. 


The Washington only has two turrets and sharpshooters as its weapons, and, whilst the Phily doesn't have the same amphibious hull as the Washington, does anyone actually use the Washington in its amphib mode? There's also the Phily's infantry complement, but I think we can kinda gloss over that for ease's sake.


As for the Jackson, well its turrets are more broadsides compared to the corner-guns of the Trenton, but there's nothing saying that they can't do a forward and rear fire.


Look, I know you may be thinking this is a bit of a cop-out, but I am trying to minimise the amount of work needed - and if I can cut out a model by using existing stats, well that's efficiency in my book. If you have an alternative view though, please spell it out - I'm not saying I know everything.


For the CF-4, I think we can get away with using the A6-V as the base, and use most of its stats, leave its tesla coils the same but change the turret weapon to:


Speerschluder - Arc: F/P/S. ER 16" (3 AD), LR -. WARs: Electrical Weapon, Lightning Rod


As for the option, modify the Medium Panzer Regiment to the following:


Medium Tank Battalion:

Each Medium Tank Battalion is comprised of:

Three A6-V Tank Units for 120 points


Three CF-4 Tank Units for 120 points



So, you now have an option with the medium tanks, either longer ranged with the A6-V, or shorter ranged with the CF-4, but with the added bonus of a Lightning Rod. Don't really want to drop the 'schluder's AD down any further, or it'll be worse than that of a Speerwurf.


Any thoughts so far?


Thinking of doing the Alsace and the Reims next - the Alsace as a new HQ option for the Legions Curassiers for the APC version and an alternate to the HQ for the Bastille for the Bombard version. For the Reims I'm thinking as a Light tank option for the Legion Armour.

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For the Washington/Philadelphia, just give the option to swap Amphibious with APC. (I know that some people do use rivers and lakes amongst their terrain collection)

I thought about doing that, but that then raised the question, what infantry do you add to the Federal Armoured Regiment for it to carry? And then What happens if they choose a Washington instead of a Phily, and the infantry has to walk since there's no transport for it? Do you add the infantry to the Phily as standard instead? How much cost? Or do you cut the firepower of the Phily so that there's no points difference between it and the Washington? Etc etc...

As my mind the mental laps, it just kept coming back to the KISS principle, especially since there's a lot more complicated stuff to do for the other models, so I thought to try to get these few done easily.

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