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ka'kun or bol'vak + mul'kat

ka'kun OR bol'vak + mul'kat  

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For now - Ka'kuns win over the Mul'Kat in my roster all time! Why - because they are fast and have more AD during the shooting phase; and they're CHEAPER than infantry in Bol'Vaks (without transport Mul'Kat would need a time to reach the objectives). They the same in CQB when they charged, though Mul'Kats are better when they the ones who iniciate the attack. But there is a TONS of anti-infantry weaponry while Scatter Weapon currently posested only by our Sorylians!


I want to point out that I use the infantry and it's our reliable Kul'Voks. Yes, they cost more than Mul'Kat but each base had Breacher Team and Gun team Upgrade and +1 AD on CQB. Dair trade Id say, considering they all have all those lovely profile of 6 DR, 5 AD in Ordnance Phase and 3/4 AD in CQB phase.   

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