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1200 point Oroshan

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What do peoplw think of this list for 1200?

I like it, i couldnt decide between bombers and assault boats so my SRS is subject to change but i think with the amount of high energy beams available and the virus strike tac, assault boats could be really dangerous.

++ Oroshan Fleet (Standard Fleet) (1200pts) ++

Battle Carrier (295pts)

··Harbinger [+4 WC, High Energy Beams, Weapon Shielding MAR]

····Assault Shuttle Token [6x Assault Shuttle]

····Grief Escorts [2x Grief]

····Interceptor Token [3x Interceptor]

Dreadnought (385pts)

··Armageddon [+4 WC, Decimator Warhead Torpedoes, High Energy Beams, Weapon Shielding MAR]

····Bomber Token [4x Bomber]

····Grief Escorts [3x Grief]

Cruiser Squadron (280pts)

··Defiler Squadron

····4x Defiler [4x High Energy Beams]

Frigate Squadron (120pts)

··Slayer Squadron [6x Slayer]

Frigate Squadron (120pts)

··Slayer Squadron [6x Slayer]

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I made a similar list but didn't put SRS on the Dreadnought and used those points to put special forces on the grief escorts with the Harbinger and went pure pure assault shuttles.

Basically I planned to use the dreadnought to soften things up and draw fire while having the harbinger focus on boarding. Especially giving the SRS assault team focus on tier 3's after a decimator disorders them. 18AP at 14" with quick launch.

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