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teir 2 veydreth

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Which do people prefer and do people rate the destroyers, am thinking of picking up 2x patrols fleets for a 1200 point force led by 2 BB, but will i be stuck with 6 dud teir 2's? as i often find destroyers are pretty poor compared to other options, veydreth gunships look way better imho.

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I''d like to build a grand fleet of Veydreth myself but decided I'm going to buy and paint just 1 of each group first. I'm hoping since they have so many tier 2 options already that maybe Spartan will offer a new box with a tier 1 and tier 3 squad (like the new RSN destroyer frigate combo).

Then again I scored 6 of the old destroyers so I'm going to use them as assault cruisers and use the new Cruisers as Heavy Cruisers so I'm already going rogue with my Veydreth models. I'm thinking of using corsair frigates as Veydreth corvettes too.

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I can fit one of each box into 1200, although extra Frigates would be required

+ Tier 1 (205pts) +

Battleship (205pts)

··Predator [2x +1" Mv, +2 MN, High Energy Beams]

+ Tier 2 (720pts) +

Destroyer Squadron (225pts)

··Hunter Squadron

····3x Hunter [3x High Energy Beams]

Gunship Squadron (Tier 2) (240pts)

··Prowler Squadron

····3x Prowler [3x High Energy Beams]

Heavy Cruiser Squadron (Tier 2) (255pts)

··Carnivore Squadron [3x Carnivore]

+ Tier 3 (275pts) +

Corvette Squadron (125pts)

··Reaver Squadron [5x Reaver]

Corvette Squadron (150pts)

··Reaver Squadron

····5x Reaver [5x +3 MN]

Lots of flexibility and options, my other option was

2 x battleship with +4AP +1Mv, high energy, launch tubes

2x3 Assault cruisers with launch tubes and second assault (using destoryer models)

2x5 minelayer Frigates

Fast and assaultt but less flexibility, just happens to use exactly 2 patrol fleets though

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The destroyers are actually quite good (always take the high energy MAR). Stealth system, handing out hazard tokens, and decent long range bands means they can be really annoying from turn 1. Ideally they want to stay in RB2-3 for max dice.


The Gunships are also good, but have a different role as you want them in RB 1 or 2 for max damage and use of their mines or a last ditch assault, the gunships should always be in ambush/shunt reserve so that they can get there as anyone has played against them before will focus them down quickly. They have 1 higher DR than the destroyers, but also the Vulnerable MAR and no stealth so getting off the alpha with them is more important. In the later game, you are relying on the double mines and torps.

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