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New to the fleet

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Hey all,

Recent GW quitter, long time fan of Spartan models... Decided to take the plunge and start anew in the FSA world! I am a huge fan of the Tarakians (ordered two patrol fleets, already had two Ganak from previous interest), ordered one Oroshan patrol fleet and Oroshan dreadnought group, and finally a Hawker Industries Patrol group... Ultimately I really like the Kurak Allliance stuff and can't wait for more Spartan love to go to the Terquai and STL... In the meantime I think I'll work with these 3 "good guy" factions

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Welcome to the fold! I myself am a hyper-capitalist through and through ( a Works Raptor and Directorate player), so cant comment on the play style of your chosen factions but I agree the models are great, particularly the Hawker ones! Got to love cyber warfare, or to quote Delboy in another post 


Oh Cyberwarfare....how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways,



:huh: ....no wait!....ERROR>>>> ERROR>>>>




Best of luck!

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Welcome aboard, captain !!!


Tarakians are stranges, and we don't know their real plans (maybe good, maybe not...), but it's a really cool faction with very nice sculpts and gameplay, so good choice.

I don't like Hawkers style, because they are a mix of Terrans and Directorate according to me, but if you want play a fleet of minor factions only, it's a good choice because HI have a lot of different ship classes.

Oroshan are one of the best sculpt in the game i think, not really OP, but i think they are nice to play and High Energy MAR is a very good choice for them.


So, good game to you ;)

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