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2 questions. Flat Out and Portals.

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Heya gents, during a game tonight a couple questions came up.

1. Terquai infantry and Portal. Is it correct that it takes an activation to deploy the portal and THEN on future activations you can bring infantry through it? Is it correct that if the portal gets destroyed the infantry can not deploy, even by walking on to the board? (reserves seem to be "scenario specific" but there doesn't seem to be even a generic scenario, just "quick play".)

2. Moving Flat Out. If a unit moves flat out, do they count as moving flat out until their next activation or until the end of the turn?


thanks much!

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1. They enter in their own activation separate from the portal skydropping. The portals are NOT transports, their destruction has no direct effect on the Nabi. If you have two portals & two Nabi units in your list and one portal gets destroyed then both Nabi units can enter via the other portal. If both portals are lost then so are the Nabi if they are still off table but the opponent gets no TV credit for the Nabi.

2. End of turn.

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I thought that 2 must be the right way to play it! No wonder my WR got minced last game.


1.  Correct on all points.


2. Until their next activation.  Oddly, this is located under the Flat Out token on page 129.

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