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Hover Nerf?

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So with the new rulebook changing the movement rules for Hover, which previously included;


"Models CANNOT move through other Models, although Models with the Hover Vehicle or Flying Vehicle MAR's can move over other Models as part of their Movement Action."


...but are now just;


"Non-Flying Models CANNOT move through other Models as part of their Movement Action."


Will this change peoples tactics significantly?


Did many people use other vehicles to shield certain units from fire, to then activate and hover other those shielding units to attack...or attack then hover over to be behind other units to be shielded (using Hit and Run)?


Should all Hover Vehicles have received a points drop due to the loss of a significant ability?


My thoughts are that I actually don't mind, and I think that Hover Vehicle still retains good value in regards to Terrain Movement and -1 to hit at LR. Although I will miss using those tactics, both the forces that made most use of it, Aquans and Dindrenzi, didn't really need to have that extra help that the Hover Vehicle MAR previously provided.

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