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Directorate VS Aquan: need advices

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Hi all guys!

I'm new in this awsome game, I just bought a Directorate Patrol Fleet box, and played a 1st game against a friend of mine (he bought an Aquan Prime Patrol Fleet box).

We played only one game for now, but I already have some considerations and need some advices :P


We still dont handle with all rules, so we played Border Clash Scenario with theese 2 box, 545 point for me (4 frigate, 2 cruiser+1 Heavy creuiser, 1 Battleship) and 600 for him (4 frigate, 4 cruiser, 1 Battleship)...


I supposed I played a bag game cause I have to learn more about my ships and enemies one, so any tactical advices to play with my ships? Which are their strenght I have to use?

In this game in a 48''x48'' boardgame we both deployed our ships in this order (from our own left to our own right each): Battleship, frigate and cruiser, and we started play with 5-6 asteroid field in the middle....


I found his cruisers super strong cause their squadron limit (4 instead of 3), and their MAR: Difficult Target, Energy Transfer (Beam, 1).

This "difficult target" rule forced me to concetrated my frigate fire on his cruiser, cause my battleship suffer "-1" hit penality...in this case, it's worth to choose a better target for my battleship (in this scenario the only enemy target with no difficult target was opponent battleship), or it's better support frigates to eliminate this cruiser threat?


In addition, i found my frigate a little under powered with only 1 weapon :| 


I want to play more games just to improve my tactics and learn more about my ships, so which approach you suggest? which upgrade/MAR you suggst I have to buy against Aquan?


Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for all advices :)

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Well, your Patrol Fleet arguably doesn't contain the best tools the Directorate has to offer. But before you throw away your fleet to buy the fancier stuff, you might want to have a look at the Tactica Project. But be aware that Directorate generally struggled against Aquans in last years statistics, and my humble guess is that a lot of that was due to these particular Patrol Fleets being poorly balanced against each other.

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Firstly play on the same amount of points - as you don't have spare models I suggest playing at 500 points. With that you both have some limits and have to adapt. With that I would field
BS: -1" Turn Limit, +1 Shield, Biohazard
2x Cruiser + Heavy: Special Forces, Biohazard
4x Frigate
Why this? You need to keep your BS alive, so extra shield, and you need it's fore fixed guns to fire every time, so lower turn limit. If you field Heavy Cruiser you need Special Forces for Cruisers and as you now have a great boarding threat capable capturing enemy BS I suggest taking Biohazard to get better chance with that.
Now your cruiser group has a great fire potential against medium and small ships - just fire them individually at one cruiser or if you target frigates each target different frigate - at RB1-2 you have 8-9 AD which should be enough to damage mediums or even cripple them, it should destroy or at least damage smalls. At RB3 link fire together.
You can use your BS to either help cruisers with destroying mediums - at RB3-4 link turrets with primary to have some decent AD and at RB1-2 fire them individually at mediums (because of Biohazard) or link them together to finish a crippled medium or have some chance to cripple enemy BS.
I suggest using Cruisers to board enemy cruisers or their BS. If you go for cruisers then:
- if they are damaged you can try going for two of them - heavy taking one, cruisers going together for another - you won't probably capture them, but you have a nice chance to do some damage

- go for one - you should be able to capture it

If you go for BS then it has to be damaged or you have to disable it's PD.

Get used to having a goal from the start and go for it if you can. I always deploy with a purpose and before each turn I assign my ships specific goals to accomplish something big in a turn or two (like these are going to focus on this, the rest will try to draw flankers away etc.). As Directorate vessels usually have only one direct weapon system you really need to focus your fire against specific targets.

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Against aquans- frigates go vs the cruisers as noted, and take biohazard vs the battleship- once the CP is down and you can catch the ship without SRS deployed, it's easy picking for boarding by the directorate. Go for "plinking" the BB rather than critting too- you want to stack that biohazard effect. Honestly, at patrol box vs patrol box there;s really not much else to add tactics-wise beyond what Kurgan said.


Oh and feel free to ignore aquan frigates for as long as you'd like, as long as they do not threaten your own frigates- use cruiser and BB torpedoes ot get rid of them if you can.

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Thanks for all informations!

This week i'll play again, we've to try at same points this time ;)

For my BS I used "split fire" instead of "+1 Shield", but i realized in game that this choice wasnt worth, so i will fix this.

I'll try to ignore enemy frigates as Pok suggests, and i'll try to give my ships individual goals as Kurgan suggests....let's do this ;)

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and i'll try to give my ships individual goals as Kurgan suggests....let's do this ;)


Try to find a goal for the whole army and then let individual squadrons play a part in it. Try to build your whole army around some idea of how it can work. E.g. my last game against Aquans I played:

Judgement class Battleship - +1 Sh, -1" TL, +2 Wings, 3 Interceptors (always play it like this actually)

Overseer classs Carrier - +2 Wings, +1" Mv, 6x Bomber, 2x Interceptor

2 Deterrent class Battlecruisers - no upgrade

3 Vanquisher class Cruisers - no upgrade

2 Nemesis class Destroyers - no upgrade

2x4 Enforcer class Frigates - no upgrade

As you can see there is no biohazard, no cyber etc. I found hard to use these agains Aquans so I often field as heavy hitter force as I can. This fleets gole was to hit my opponent before he get in RB2 and then continue to pound as heavy as I can. I deployed Judgement and Overseer on one side, Deterrents with Nemesis further away and put Vanquishers into reserve deployment. My opponent made a mistake and in turn 2 I focused Deterrents and Nemesis against a cruiser squadron eliminating two cruisers. They were my goal at that time. He got them in cover and pushed with his Manta forward to cover them. Now I ignored those cruisers and decided Manta will have to go down. Turn 3-4 I send Judgement, Deterrents, Nemesis and Vanquishers after it and anihilated it. From turn 5 I focused on his carrier group as it got too close and I didn't want to get hammered by bombers. At the start of turn 6 whole carrier group was gone and I started to mop up cruisers and smalls. My smalls had only one goal through the whole encounter - one squadron was on the table from turn 1 and protected large ships from enemy smalls, especially corvettes, the other squadron arriving from reserve in turn 4 went to distract cruisers and slow them down to buy me enough time to finish Manta and then carrier group.


But this was just a target priority work, nothing more. When you go with cyber, biohazard and boarding you really need to have a plan, follow it and adapt it during the game. When I run cyber fleet against Terrans I find the best target, use cyber to drop it's shield and then target it with the rest of the fleet - target selection is cruicial as if you choose badly some of your ships won't be able to fire, others will struggle against large PD (like Drones) etc.



A question: for my BS i use +1Sh and  -1TL Hardpoints....which one for third one? Better going for assault (+2AP) or add 2 Wings and board 3 Figthers/Interceptors? Aquan BS has 6 wings, so i thinks it's better going for a defence choise...


I always run it with extra wings and Interceptors to have proper defence against torps and enemy SRS. 5PD+2Sh is pretty good until BS gets damaged and trust me that you either need those Interceptors for their 6PD or you need Escorts. I rather use Interceptors as Escorts are soft and can be targeted by weapons, plus Interceptors can make Intercept move.

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Hi guys....

Some days ago I played again with my friend, it was a 800 point game.

Here the lists:


+++ Aquanator (795pts) +++

++ Directorate Fleet (Standard Fleet) (795pts) ++

+ Tier 1 (445pts) +

Carrier (190pts)
····Dominance (190pts) [+1" Mv (5pts), Cyberwarefare Fore]
········Countermeasures, Cyberwarfare Weapons, Reinforced (Fore)
········Bomber Token (25pts) [5x Bomber (25pts)]
········Escorts (30pts) [2x Punisher/Suppression Escort (30pts)]
············Difficult Target, Unmanned
········Interceptor Token (5pts) [interceptor (5pts)]

Heavy Cruiser Squadron (Tier 1) (255pts)
····Justice Squadron (255pts)
········3x Justice (255pts) [3x Biohazard Beams (15pts)]
············Biohazard, Reinforced (Fore), Special Forces

+ Tier 2 (150pts) +

Destroyer Squadron (150pts)
····Nemesis Squadron (150pts) [2x Nemesis (150pts)]
········Reinforced (Fore), Stealth Systems

+ Tier 3 (200pts) +

Drone Squadron (100pts)
····Drone Squadron (100pts) [4x Hostility (100pts)]
········Assault Robot Torpedoes, Difficult Target, Unmanned

Frigate Squadron (100pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (100pts)
········4x Liquidator (100pts) [4x Biohazard Beams (20pts)]
············Biohazard, Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)


For the first time I played Drones and Nemesis and they worked well: Nemesis are so cool to drop down HP, AD and PD in firsts turn, while Drones hitted enemy BS after Cyber attacks from my Dominance and then my opponents Snappers...

The idea was to hit the Aquan BS and capture it with my Justice squadron and I accomplished this mission in turn 3 =)

Btw I understimated is snappers (he played them for the 1st time, a 6-models squadron with Hunter Pack), so my Carrier was seriuosly in danger in when I captured enemy Admiral....

I decided to change a bit my list:


-1 Frigate squdron --> +1 Drone squadron (same points)

drop Bio weapons from Justice squadron (-15 pts)

add Precision Strike Beam to my Nemesis for 10pts

add more WC to my Carrier and bring 2x4 Figthers to hit from more distance


I would like to try Tormentors with my Carrier, but we play at 800 :(

So, any suggestion to improve the list? :)

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I like this setup for my Carriers:

Cyber fore

+2 WC

6 assault shuttles

2 Interceptors.

No escorts.

I keep it cloaked. Always. Never does it show its soft squishy metal body. It keeps its wings out and covering as much of the fleet as possible with the added pd. This will help counter the snapper threat to it.

You could change the assault shuttles for bombers if you wanted, the plan is the same, get it close and keep it cloaked.

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Hi guys!

Pretty sure tomorrow I'll play again with my Aquan friend, this time on an Escalating Engagement scenario.

The game is still 800 pts, and I'm thinking about 2 different list:


List 1

Battleship (295pts)
····Anarchist (295pts) [+2 AP and Second Assault (15pts), +2 AP and Special Forces (15pts), +2 WC (5pts)]
········Rules: Elite Crew, Reinforced (Fore), Second Assault, Special Forces, Superior Design
········Bomber Token (25pts) [5x Bomber (25pts)]
········Escorts (45pts) [3x Punisher/Suppression Escort (45pts)]

Cruiser Squadron (165pts)
····Abraxas Squadron (165pts) [3x Abraxas (165pts)]
········Rules: Reinforced (Fore)

R&D Cruiser Squadron (180pts)
····Tormentor Squadron (180pts) [3x Tormentor (180pts)]
········Rules: Stealth Systems

Frigate Squadron (80pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (80pts) [4x Liquidator (80pts)]
········Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

Frigate Squadron (80pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (80pts) [4x Liquidator (80pts)]
········Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

The idea is simple: Anarchist as the only squadron in reserve ready to flank and board the major threat when it arrives, other ships on the table from the beginning without upgrade just to hit enemies squadrons...Also, I never played R&D Cruiser, so I wanna try them...


List 2:

Battleship (205pts)
····Judgement (205pts) [+1 Sh (15pts), +2 WC (5pts), -1" TL (10pts)]
········Rules: Countermeasures, Reinforced (Fore), Superior Design
········Interceptor Token (15pts) [3x Interceptor (15pts)]

Cruiser Squadron (165pts)
····Abraxas Squadron (165pts) [3x Abraxas (165pts)]
········Rules: Reinforced (Fore)

Destroyer Squadron (150pts)
····Nemesis Squadron (150pts) [2x Nemesis (150pts)]
········Rules: Reinforced (Fore), Stealth Systems

Frigate Squadron (80pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (80pts) [4x Liquidator (80pts)]
········Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

Frigate Squadron (80pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (80pts) [4x Liquidator (80pts)]
········Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

Works Raptor Fleet (Natural Allies Accompaniment) 

Corvette Squadron (120pts)
····Tyranny Squadron (120pts)
········4x Tyranny (120pts) [4x +2 AP (20pts)]
············Rules: Elusive Target


In this configuration I have 6 squadron, with Judgement and Corvette in reserve, other squadrons deployed instead...I wanna try these corvettes cause I suppose they can fire to their target and then board another component of the same squadron to achieve some BL on an enemy squadron....

With this second list I'm also thinking at 2 possible variation:


- Abraxas Squadron, + Sharnak Cruiser Squadron from Ba'Kash Fleet to have more torps, some Scatter against Aquan Difficult Target spam and more tankiness (+1HP)




- Nemesis Squadron, + Gai-Shar Destroyer Squadron from Kedorian Fleet to have a pretty safe squadron in full stop behind some terrain coverage to drop torps everywhere



Any advice? :)

And at the end a question: in this scenario my Admiral is out of the board, so I cant play TAC as long as my BS dont come into play, correct?

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You can't play any TACs as long as your Admiral is off the board.


I wouldn't take Judgement, it's too slow with short ranged weaponry and on 6x4 table it can really struggle to get in range. Even on 4x4 table it can be out of range when it arrives. Anarchist is much better choice with his longer reach, but I would add Frigates instead of Escorts to get him even better reach up to 30", it's a big difference to have 8 or 11AD. I would also consider Deterrent with frigates as a tier 1. I know it's fragile and not ideal to be a flagship, but it's very cheap and you can put more ships on the board. Also when Deterrent comes it's not hard to get him in range and keep the range open.

I would never take a squadron of Tormentors against Aquans, never...and especially not at patrol fleet level. They are unable to kill anything while not giving you some other great advantage against Aquans - killing crew? Please...before they manage to kill all CP on one cruiser the hell freezes. Against Aquans you just need to soften your target and then board it, without PD they are pretty defenceless.

Escalating engagement is a pain and at patrol level even more so as even after fielding two tier 2 and one tier 3 you still have enough points for two tier 1 choices (Anarchist and one Deterrent). I would much rather take only one tier 1 and spare it elsewhere but even with two tier 3 I have 65 spare points...

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You might, with Fighters you have decent reach. Still it's only reach around 22" and with that you migh as well take the Judgement. Are you going to play on 4x4 table? I really recommend it as it offers very different options and challenges. Also it makes escalatin engagement a bit more bearable. Be prepared to lower your BL to get reserves on the table as soon as possible.

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Patrol fleet level is supposed to be played on 4x4 table - this is true especially for small patrol fleets like 500-600 points. 800 is enough to be played on 6x4, but you rarely use the whole game board anyway, so... My last game on 4x4 table was actually 900 points and we had enough space without any troubles. I even played games above 1000 points on tables somewhere around 5x4 without any issues. Try it, you will see.

If you want to check the rules than page 34, Game Size, third paragraph.

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Hi guys!

Finally yesterday we played, 800pts, 6x4 table, Escalating Engagement Scenario.

Here the forces on the board:


List 1:

++ Aquan Fleet (Standard Fleet) (500pts) ++

Battleship (220pts) [RESERVE]
····Maelstrom (220pts) [+1 Sh (15pts), +3 WC, Energy Transfer (Beam, 2) (10pts)]
········Rules: Beam Weapons, Energy Transfer (Beam, 2), Secured Bulkheads
········Fighter Token (20pts) [4x Fighter (20pts)]
········Interceptor Token (5pts) [interceptor (5pts)]

Gunship Squadron (190pts)
····Shiva Squadron (190pts)
········2x Shiva (190pts) [2x +1 Sh (20pts), 2x Energy Transfer (1) (10pts)]
············Rules: Energy Transfer (1), Reinforced (Fore), Secured Bulkheads

Corvette Squadron (45pts)
····Snapper Squadron (45pts) [3x Snapper (45pts)]
········Rules: Elusive Target

Corvette Squadron (45pts) [RESERVE]
····Snapper Squadron (45pts) [3x Snapper (45pts)]
········Rules: Elusive Target

++ Terquai Fleet (Natural Allies Accompaniment) (300pts) ++

Torpedo Cruiser Squadron (180pts)
····Makalu Squadron (180pts) [3x Makalu (180pts)]
········Rules: Beam Weapons, Reinforced (Starboard/Port)

+ Tier 3 (120pts) +

Frigate Squadron (120pts)
····Sular Squadron (120pts)
········4x Sular (120pts) [4x Pack Hunters MAR (20pts)]
············Rules: Difficult Target, Pack Hunters, Reinforced (Starboard/Port)



++ Directorate Fleet (Standard Fleet) (800pts) ++

BattleCruiser (155pts) [RESERVE]
····Deterrent Squadron (155pts)
········Deterrent (155pts)
············Rules: Reinforced (Fore), Superior Design
············Enforcer/Liquidator Accompaniment (40pts) [2x Enforcer/Liquidator (40pts)]
················Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

Carrier (170pts) [RESERVE]
····Dominance (170pts) [+2 WC (5pts), Cyberwarefare Fore]
········Rules: Countermeasures, Cyberwarfare Weapons, Reinforced (Fore)
········Bomber Token (30pts) [6x Bomber (30pts)]
········Interceptor Token (10pts) [2x Interceptor (10pts)]

Cruiser Squadron (165pts)
····Abraxas Squadron (165pts) [3x Abraxas (165pts)]
········Rules: Reinforced (Fore)

Destroyer Squadron (150pts)
····Nemesis Squadron (150pts) [2x Nemesis (150pts)]
········Rules: Reinforced (Fore), Stealth Systems

Frigate Squadron (80pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (80pts) [4x Liquidator (80pts)]
········Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

Frigate Squadron (80pts)
····Liquidator Squadron (80pts) [4x Liquidator (80pts)]
········Rules: Difficult Target, Reinforced (Fore)

Some consideration about Directorate fleet...

I wanted to try a list with more ships with no upgrade, just to use my AD against Aquan one.

In addition I wanted to try Battlecruiser despite I don't like it vety much in a patrol cause a squadron of 1 ship is free BL :|

We played with more terrain as usual: 2 big planetoid and 2 small in the center of the map at the extremity of an ideal cross, and 10-11 asteroid fields...


The game was this.


Deployement: Directorate in the lower-left corner, with 1 Frigate squadron on the left flank, the other one in the right, Nemesis in the center with CL activated behind an asteroid field and Abraxas in theri proximity to move to the close planetoid next turn for more covering...Aquan in the upper-right corner whit Frigates and Snapper on the right to flank, Shiva in the middle to fire and Cruiser near an asteroid field just to reach it in Turn 1 and camper there.


Turn 1: Aquan fired with torpedos from Cruiser and Frigate, Snapper flanked and Shive reached the middle of the board...Directorate moved on, low fire cause the distance, just some hit from Nemesis.


Turn 2: similar to Turn 1, Battlecruiser came into play (failed Command Check, scatter was 9'' behind an asteroid field, luckily passed XD) but didn't do nothing (11AD from Beam + 9 torps against a Shiva with no PD = 0 dmg :( )...Aquan reach Directorate Frigates and detroyed them, while Cruisers spammed torps everywhere


Turn3: Carrier and Maelstrom in play but few hits from them...at the end of this turn Aquan was in advantage (BL and ships on the board) and they secured the game during this turn and th 4th destroyng Nemesis, 2th Frigate squadron, damaging seriously Abraxas (1/3 remained with full HP)  and Battlecruiser (1 Liquidator destroyed, 3/6 HP remained on Deterrant)...


From this game I have some question and consideration...Let's begin with the questions:


1) Bombers are big SRS token, and Interceptor small one...but Shuttle, Figther and Assaul, which ones?


2) We had planetoids, so we added 4'' to our movement value if we started within 4'' from them...so, if 10 is initial MV, we could move 14...but minimum movement is (10/2)+4=9 or (10+4)/2=7? And, if we were in full stop, we have still to move 4'' cause gravity?


3) Can Bombers/Fighters do Targeted Strikes?


4) My Nemesis was hitted from fore arc, and suffered a Fire Control Offline Critical Effect...in this casa this ship cant fire from fore arc, so I have to rotate it to fire from port/starboard for example? 


5) Torps and line of sight...I cant understand well...If between ship A and ship B there is an asteroid field, direct fire is Impeded and torpedos not, so A can fire full AD from torp....this is true despite the number of asteroid field between A and B or the dimension of the field?....in addition...if between A and B there is a Planetoid, torpedos still hit B or in this case line of sight is blocked for Direct and Indirect Weapons?


Then considerations:


A) In this game for the first time in our group of game we had a camper unit behind asteroids just for spamming torpedos...in this case which tactic I have to use to counter this camping? I ask in general, not only in this scenario with Directorate...I thought a counter-camping but I cant see units in Directorate list that can do this and also I could not hit these campers from behind in this match cause I was forced to flank with my reserves in fixed edges...


B) I still find Shiva really tanky for their dmg output :( in 4-turn game I dind't succeed to destroy the squadron, only 1 ship...i focused this squadron with my Nemesis 2 turns, Deterrant 1 turn, Liquidator 1 turn and Abraxas 1 turn...nothing :(


C) I find that 6x4 table is to big for a patrol fleet game, in particular if we don't start from the big edge like in the 1st scenario...for example I could not use at their best my Fregates case their movement is 10'', too low compared with 11'' or 14'' of my opponent...and Liquidator still don't have torps, so I could not decimate opponent's T3 while moving...I find Liquidator so bad..is only mine opinion? Someones use different option for T3?


That's all for now, thx for responses =)

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Considering your questions:

1) There are only two tokens and they are not marked as Bomber and Interceptor - that's only the logical outcome. So in my group we use large token for Bombers, Assault Craft and Support Shuttles, where small token is for Interceptors and Fighters. Most players only use two types of SRS so it's not an issue, but if you want to use more you might consider marking them somehow.


2) According to the rules page 52 you increase Movement Value so with initial MV 10" you now have 14". It's the same as TAC Drives to Maximum. So that's your new MV and I would divide that instead of dividing the original and then adding the bonus. In this case 7" is mandatory half move.


3) Yes, they suffer the same -1 to hit penatly though. Page 89 red collumn.


4) Yes, you suffer arc damage not weapon system damage, so turrets can still fire in different arc.


5) Indirect weapon systems ignore Line of Sight and cannot be blocked or impeded, so you fire no matter what is between you and the target. Page 66 bottom left.

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In a patrol fleet I can use only 1 Battlecruiser :) and in this particular case, Escalating Engagement scenario, I have to take it in reserve :|


So in general shunting units is a valid way to counter camping? There is not the risk I can see reserves too late, or they could not active at the top cause Shunt Entry roll?....I just want to understand If there is a general way to abort seeing tops cruisers vs torp cruisers (or similar units) waiting to roll better then the opponent counterpart :)

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