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How to paint tanks and other ironclads?

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Looking at the Walze model I am just amazed by it's size and as I am not skilled painter I just do not know where and how to start to paint it. I do not have an air brush :-(


Any tutorials out there for painting such large models? I will start with grey base coat and then .... ??

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Although I paint my KoB ironclads green, the process should work for greys too.


1.  Black spray primer - I use GW Chaos black, but a friend uses car spray.


2.  Take a large flat headed brush (I use a GW large Drybrush).  Select a colour that is a couple of shades darker than the colour you want it to look at the end.  Don't over load the brush, but go for a slightly heavy drybrush using long strokes.  It may take a couple of coats, but you should still have black in the deeper shadows and a very dark colour in the not so deep shadows/ panel joins/etc and a nice even coat on the flat panels.


3.  Select a colour a shade or two lighter and drybrush the whole vehicle.  Repeat with the same colour.


4.  Select a colour a shade or two lighter and do a light drybrush over the raised areas.


5.  Paint any details (pipes, exhausts, etc) and vehicle markings.  Shade and highlight as necessary.


6.  A very light drybrush over the raised areas and paint wear points (steps, door/hatch edges) with gunmetal.


7.  I then dirty the vehicle up a bit using the colours that I paint my infantry bases with.  (Homebase paint testers that have been colour matched to Foundry Drab Shade and Drab Light - I got these free with a voucher in their magazine a couple of years ago).


8.  Finally I do a very light drybrush over the top of the vehicle with the Drab Light colour.

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With large flat surfaces, the trick is not one coat of paint, but several thinner coats, which will allow it to look smooth once finished. You also don't necessarily need to use your size 3 brush for it - visit an art store and get a larger one. The detail can always be gone back over later with a smaller brush once the main colour is down.


Also, it might help to paint the model in several parts rather than all at once, and assemble it once all the parts are painted - with my Terrier, I've got the tracks off separately, the sponsons magnetised, and the wheelhouse separate so I can get at the smokestacks and engine easier. Just look for places where glue can be applied without being seen once the model is complete - underside of a turret, inside of tracks, connectors for weapons etc.

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