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My New Terrans

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I finally finished my first batch of Firestorm ships in a LONG time! I painted up a couple of Destroyers and a squadron of the new frigates:






You can see some more shots here:


Time for the next batch! I'm starting in on the carrier and shield cruisers:


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I agree with the colors and I also wanted to know what color and wash you used for the hulls.

Sure! The base coat is Rustoleum 2x Grey Primer. The wash is GW Badab Black, followed by an over-brush of Codex Grey, a dry brush of Fortress Grey, with a final highlight of the Longbeard Grey dry paint.

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I got this batch of Terrans done:


Planetary assault fleet:


Light cruisers:


These little guys have a lot of detail on the undersides that you normally can't see when they are on their stands!


And last but not least, I painted up a 3rd destroyer so that I now have a full squadron of 3! For years, I only had the two of them. The new one is the one in the middle. I'm very happy that they match so closely, since the other two were painted years ago. In fact, they were the first ships I painted in this current scheme; I developed the dark blue with light blue accent idea because of this model, in an effort to break up the large flat surfaces some and give it more visual interest.


Almost ready for Adepticion! Just a few more ships to paint.

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20 hours ago, Ryjak said:

Will it be ready by Saturday?  Freshly painted models tend to quickly die their first game, so we should get that out of the way before Adepticon.

Lol, yeah they are ready. I wasn't planning on running the Tyrant, though. 

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