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Landlubber's RoF

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In my quest to no longer be That Guy with All Those Unpainted Models, I'm finally tackling all the RoF models laying around my hobby room. Thought I'd share my progress here with the first few ships that are ready. 


For my RoF, I'm going for a battle-worn, too-long-at-sea theme. The undercoat, under the camouflage colors, is just a basic black.


I present here the Magenta Mk1 skimmer battleship, for which I have yet to think of a name:








And here is a squadron of Chevalier-class destroyers:






I will post more pics as I finish ships and squadrons. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. Thanks for looking!

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OK. Got distracted with some other painting projects last year, and while I was painting my RoF ships, I neglected to update this thread. Plus, I found some really cool decals for them at a gaming convention last February, so I was waiting to post pics until I had those decals on.


So, here is the fleet so far:








I'll post some more pics of individual squadrons later in the week.


As always, thanks for looking!

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Thanks for the kind words all. 


@MajorTheRed, yessir, drybrushing only. I'm really too lazy to figure out my airbrush. :)


Here are some close-ups of the Alma-class recon frigates:








Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. Thanks for looking!

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From a critical/points of suggestion point of view:


I'm not sure if it is a change in color, or just a change in lighting and camera settings, but the new ones look more light blue/yellow/ivory and the old ones looked more blue/green/grey.

I like the look of the earlier ones more.

The red from the rockets/torpedoes (not sure which, don't know ROF models that well yet) I'm kind of torn on, I like the splash of color but at the same time something about it feels off.  I'm not sure what right now though.  Maybe just that the recesses and highlights on them need a bit more so they don't look quite so flat/like a red block.

The wear and tear on the decks doesn't really match that of the paint, not sure if that would be right or not.


Overall though they look really good.  Definitely something to be proud of and something I would be happy to see on the table.

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@Erloas thanks for the comments! They are actually all the same color--blue, green, and gray. I think it may be a lighting issue and/or a background issue that's throwing off the colors. That's what I get for going almost a year in between posts.


The rockets actually do have a little more definition when you see the actual model. For some reason that color looks fuzzy on my phone camera.

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And finally, the last painted ship in the fleet: the Couronne-class assault carrier:






I tried to do some detailing on the flight deck to show where the aircraft were continually landing and scuffing up the deck:






OK. Can't paint any more of my RoF models until my RSN are finished.


Thanks for looking!

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