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Gr1mDan's Terrans - Battle Group "Renzler's Fury"

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I like them, too! My only critique - if you could call it that - is that you've chosen very similar colors for your models and their bases. Although this makes sense - camo and such - it does hurt the contrast and the general effect. Maybe you could hit the bases with a wash, or some drybrush, to make them look a little more distinct?

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Bit of an update on new models chaps and I may have a little stab at some background...




The Elite Valkyrie squad that accompanies the Odin. Gave them no green camo and blue spot colours.




Huscarls doing what they do best. Looking bad ass.




Freya - possibly one of my favorite models to date.


'The 61st Division of the AFTSC Tilsen Front, who go by the nick name "Renzler's Fury", have often been associated with aggressive assaults and lightning raids, making great use of recon units much more than other Divisions. Because of this they are renown for being reckless beyond safe military operational standards. Their record however cannot be denied and the daring use of such units has often paid off over conventional attacks'

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