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SRS Token attacks, Can 2 tokens combine their attack?

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Andy's talking about two tokens from the same carrier. In this case, both tokens activate in the same phase. So yes, the target (and any other ship within range) would have to choose which token to use its PD against (it may not split dice). Note that if, for whatever reason, the model does not fire at the first token, the second token might just move somewhere else (and return to base afterwards). You announce attack runs, not targets.


Edith says I completely misunderstood Pok's response. Listen to what the blue alien chick said.

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I think what Pok was pointing out is that you declare attack runs and resolve wing tokens one at a time, even if they are from the same carrier. While they are technically in the same phase of the same activation, you have to resolve the first token completely before you start resolving the second one, so, if you decide not to fire PD at the first token, and save it for the second one, the second token is free to simply decide not to attack at all.


As BoP points out, all of this only applies if the wings launch from the same squadron. If they are from separate squadrons, they would attack during separate activations entirely.

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