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Sorylian vs. Relthoza Box Speculation - Sorylian Thread

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DR7 CR10 Mv7 HP7 CP6 AP6 PD4 SH1 TL2"

Gravity High Energy

Fore (Fixed) 7 8 9 9


Fore (Fixed) 7 8 8 8

Fore (Fixed) 7 8 8 8


Starboard / Port  10 12 8


retractable plating (fore fixed), Vulnerable, Experienced Engineers.

Hard points 3

0-1 +2 MV, +1TL  0pts

0-1 -1TL +1MV   10pts

0-2 Add Fore (Fixed) Torps 10pts

0-1 +4PD 5pts

0-1 +1SH


gain weapon shielding 10pts

upgrade torps to high energy 5pts per hard point

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Perhaps a gravity weapon with high energy but no control effect. It could be mounted on a battleship and cruisers with retractable plating.

That's an interesting idea. A difficult weapon to defend against and knowledge of it's possibility would explain why Sorylians don't overly rely on shields.

Maybe give the ship vulnerable to reflect the instability of the weapon's components.

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the problem is gravity weapons are incredibley difficult to make and use, only the most advanced races ie directorate (oh and I guess there are the tarakians to  ;))​ have managed to use them, not that this would be beyond soryilian capability, but more out of their comfort zone, while fluff could fix that, I honestly think it would be better to give them cyber (not that I want to face cyber, but it would be nice for kurak's people to have more options)  this would also help by shutting down PD or cloaks on the spiders, allowing not just one attack to bypass cloaks, but allow the whole fleet to take advantage of the opening.    that or give them a shunt matrix, after all they did help research the FSD :)

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I'd like to something with a massive shield projector.


Any model within 6 inches and within the rear arc of the ship with the shield projector gets bonus shields equal to the rating of the shield projector against all attacks/terrain features that come from the front arc of the ship with the shield projector.


Basically things hide behind the tier 1 shield ship as they approach.

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oh! or how about a way to disable FSD no shunting shananagens, and no escape ! Mwha ha ha ha ha ha, it would be difficult to stop that from being OP, but it is an idea.


I am kind of digging this idea. Since generally our ships tend to outlast opponents, disabling FSD will mean we get that extra shot at moping up enemies and building points in our favor.

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I mostly got that Neil hired someone to revamp the Firestorm Galaxy storyline and background, so the Planetfall and Armada fluff will mesh together, instead of being somewhat opposed.  The tough part will be explaining some of the Planetfall models, particularly when the design aesthetic isn't consistent.

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I'm putting a preposterous amount of wishful thinking into this:

" Look out for more In Focus blogs from me. Next will be my look at the Sorylian Collective, inspired by the images from Francois, as I discuss why the ground forces look the way they do, and we’ll discuss the future of this race’s space navy. "

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