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Planetfall WAR LOG 3725

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Player: Ahmadan / Avalon

Points Value: 3000

Factions & allies: Aquan Prime vs The Directorate and Works Raptor

Starting Zero hour: 30

Zero Hour score: 9 / -3

Turn Count: 2

This was a pure objective win; I was slightly ahead of the damage part, but he held the Secondaries for most of the game, with buggies or infantry.

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Player: Kraggi & Gregg vs Dragkon & Simon
Points Value: 7500
Factions & allies: Aquan (inc Terquai Allies) & Sorylian vs Terrans (Inc Hawker Industries)
Starting Zero hour: 70
Zero Hour score: -16 / 10
Turn Count: 3
Aquan & Sorylian Victory.. 

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Some Statistics:

Only games against the opposite alliance are counted.


Zenian Leaug


Wins 12   55%

Earnd TV 498


Kurak Leaug  

Wins 9  41%

Earnd TV 384


Dindrenzi /Wins /Games

Total:                   7 10

Wins vs Terran    5 5

Wins vs Aquan    2 4

Wins vs Sorylian  0 1


Directorate /Wins /Games  

Total:                   5 10

Wins vs Terran    2 4

Wins vs Aquan    2 5

Wins vs Sorylian  1 1


Relthoza /Wins /Games

Total:                    0 2

Wins vs Terran     0 1

Wins vs Aquan     0 0

Wins vs Sorylian   0 1


Terraner /Wins /Games

Total:                       3 10

Wins vs Dindrenzi    0 5

Wins vs Directorate 2 4

Wins vs Relthoza     1 1


Aquan Wins Games

Total                         5 9

Wins vs Dindrenzi     2 4

Wins vs Directorate   3 5

Wins vs Relthoza       0 0


Sorylian Wins Games

Total                          1 3

Wins vs Dindrenzi      0 1

Wins vs Directorate   0 1

Wins vs Relthoza       1 1

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Player: Kabob/ "The Skagg"

Points Value: 3300 per side

Factions and Alliies: Sorylians & Terquai vs. Dindrenzi

Starting Zero Hour: 33

Zero Hour Score: 9 to 11 (Sorys won!!)

Turn Count:2


Edit: Game called due to time constraints.

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another two games

both with 2600 Points

hahnc77 vs element

Directorate vs Relthoza

Starting ZHT 30


Game 1 Relthoza win after 3 turns -3 to 15

Game 2 Directorate win after 2 turns, -9 to 17


both games had some extrem dice roling, iver the evening it was balanced, but not in the games itself.

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