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Jlav's Models

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Here is stuff I paint, or build, or both, and stuff... Enjoy.

ETBS Field Gun:


Mixed feelings on my colour scheme for the FSA.  I was thinking of a confederate influence, but felt they were too bland.  So here's some experimenting WIP.


Doc Orlington is finally Tabletop ready:


Working on my steambikes, and had a good excuse to refresh my memory on animated gifs


Found myself a patriot under the tree this christmas...


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Updated with some FSA I'm working on.  Can't decide if I like the colours or not.  The Confederate blue has turned out pretty bland, and while I like the dirty yellow/leather look, I'm just not sold on either at this point.

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I wouldn't worry about the yellow/brown uniform.

As almost all of us were taught, in the ACW the Union wore Blue and the Confederacy wore Gray.

BUT. There really was no standardization especially in the beginning, and neither side had the manufacturing capability to outfit the large volunteer armies in a common uniform.

During the Battle of Manassas, on the Union side some regiments wore grey, some wore blue... Other regiments wore gray jackets and blue pants, other regiments wore blue jackets and grey pants. Some regiments were even more different.

On the Confederate side it was even more confusing.

Officially the colors were based on the military academy cadets so grey, but the south really had very little industry so most soldiers had to wear homemade uniforms. That means that "butternut" a yellowish brown is often thought as the defining color of the Confederate uniforms, but in reality some soldiers had left the US army and couldn't afford to get another uniform so they wore blue, some wore gray, some wore whatever they had.

All that said... This is the Dystopian universe, with industrialization being spread around the world a couple of centuries ahead of our time who knows actually what the FSA would do.

But I like the idea of butternut uniforms.

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I kind of liked the thematic element of having each group supported by a different state.  The Descriptions I've found of the Dystopian Wars FSA would go well with a motley assortment of uniforms, and so I've been trying different colours and not bothering to replace them.  It's good to know that this wouldn't be so out of line for the actual history as well.  Maybe I'll colour coordinate the kind of troops then, and make some mismatched pant/tunic combos in there too.

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