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N7 Dindrenzi Unit Designation Marking Concepts

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With the (Semi-)announcement of Spec-ops I got an itch to paint some 28mm Dindrenzi, just so happens our shop has a metric ton of Dust mini's at 50% off so I nabbed some Axis Laser Sturmgrenadieren and the Aliied "Grim Reapers." I could have gotten some more 'appropriate' for the theme of my army mini's online... but for 2/3 the cost of one mini I got 8. When Spec-ops Officially drops I'll maybe sub them in as 'prototype Mk1's'


Did quick base paint of one of the models schema's.


The First Nyx:


Which appears to have a Talos sized ally backing him up...


More shots:


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Ah, the tricky Laser Grenadiers. They baffle so many people who don't realise that they need suppressive support to do anything. Great models, though, and looking at your photo, the Laser Grens could indeed be proto-Dindrenzi troopers.


(One of the non-Firestorm games I occasionally play is Dust Warfare. Don't get me started on Battlefront's treatment of that game. :/ ).

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