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Hiss! Let's show our colours! (Sorylian PF paint schemes)

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After some testing and encouraging advises, here is my doble core.IMG_0641_zpsbc088642.jpg IMG_0643_zpse5ccb9e5.jpg IMG_0642_zps5aec75a0.jpg and my favorite pic.IMG_0646_zps2a19ff3e.jpgI'm still deciding how to paint the infantry, maybe turquoise like the guns but not clear yet.still need to apply washes and highlights to all of thembases need to be finished, specially the tank defenses and beams.Sorry for the long post

What kind of net did you use for the scales? Any new pics from this gorgeos army?

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Hi guys,


I can't really decide if I should stick with a slight variation of my Firestorm Armada paint scheme (example in my avatar) or do something completely new for the Planetfall minis. To those of you who play Sorylians in both systems : What did you do in this regard ?


Do you think a science fiction army would employ the same colours on naval and ground units, do you think they would use camo on the ground like our armies do, do you think they'd realize that it's a little pointless for a giant combat walker to have camo paint on it ? Please help me make a decision ;)

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