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Planet fall in 20! 2000pt planetfall intro tournament 15/02

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this is a 2000 point entry level tournament for Firestorm Planertfall to be held on the 21stFebruary at Outpost Wargames in Sheffield.



The event will encompass five rounds over the day, each round lasting an hour, a referee will be present throughout the day to  help ease things along and to resolve any questions or disputes.



09:00-09:45 Registration

09:45-10:00 H&S announcements and pairings

10:00-11:00 First round

11:15-12:15 Second round

12:15-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:15 Third round

14:30-15:30 Fourth round

15:45-16:45 Fifth round

17:00 Prizes and announcements


Winning the tournament

Each round a player receives tournament points (TP) at the end of the tournament final standings are determined on the highest number of TP.

0 points are awarded for a major loss

1 Point is awarded for a minor loss

2 Points are awarded for a draw

3 Points are awarded for a minor win

4 Points are awarded for a major win


If at the end players are tied on TP then ties are broken first by the lowest total Zero Hour Tracker value (TV) and then by the total difference between TV scored and TV conceded.  In the unlikely event that players are still tied, gladiatorial combat will be fought conforming to Queensbury rules.


It is worth noting that even in scenarios which do not rely on TV for their victory conditions it is still tracked for final totals.



All wood in this event woods classify as being occupiable.




Round 1: Annihilation.


Briefing: The area has no objectives of value there are however enemy forces to be dealt with.


Deployment: Standard


Victory conditions: TV is reduced by destroying enemy units, two bonus tracker points are awarded for wiping out enemy command elements (not awarded if they leave the table).  The standard game end conditions apply, or the game times out after four turns. TP are scored according to the margin of victory.


Round 2: Planetfall standard mission.


As per the planetfall rulebook, but times out after four turns.


Round 3: Sector domination


Briefing: The area needs to be secured sector by sector for deployment of invasion critical assets


Deployment: the centreline of the board is drawn diagonally from corner to corner, deployment zones are at least 16” from the line in each direction.  The player who wins the roll for deployment picks which side of the line they wish to deploy on but the player who loses the roll chooses which corners the centreline is drawn between.


Objective: At the end of each turn players score scenario points (SP) for quarters of the board (sector) that they control:

apply the highest for each sector

1 SP for having a unit in a sector with no enemy units.

1 SP for having a unit with take and hold in a sector where the enemy have no take and hold units.

2 SP for having a unit with take and hold in a sector with no enemy units.


Flying class units cannot claim to hold a sector but do count as an enemy unit present in the sector for your opponent. 

A unit can only hold or contest a single sector at a time


At the end of turn 4 the player with the most SP scores a Major victory if they have a lower TV than their opponent, or a minor victory if they have the same or higher TV than their opponent.  If both players have the same SP the game is a draw.


Round 4: Asset retrieval.


Briefing: Tech/agents/delicious plankton/interesting-things-to-spiders have been stashed across the area, it is mission critical that these assets be retrieved and denied to the enemy.


Setup: Before deployment place five asset markers in the same way alternately between players (a roll off for the placement of the first marker is required), these markers cannot be placed within 12” of each other and may be placed within occupiable terrain features.


Objective: Assets markers may be collected by units which pass over them (or take and hold units which move into contact with an occupiable feature containing one). Placing a break marker on a unit carrying a marker, wiping it out or completing a sucessful storm action against a unit forces the to drop the marker in contact with the closest member of the unit to the direction of the attack.


Victory conditions: At the end of turn four the player with the most asset markers scores a major victory if they have a lower TV than their opponent, or a minor victory if they have a higher TV than their opponent. If both players have the same number of assets the game is a draw.


Round 5: Space elevator.


Briefing: This world has a space elevator if it can be captured it would be of significant advantage.


Setup: Before deployment a terrain feature designated as the space elevator is placed in the centre of the table, rather than elevated height it is also considered to be occupying the flying height band (thus blocking movement and LOS to flyers).  Another two buildings are placed 12” to either side on the centreline as control centres.  Before deploying the first helixes each player places an access point in their board half.


Special rules: No skydrop markers can be placed within 12” of the space elevator (too dangerous to drop in it's proximity). The control centres count as being connected to the access points, each other and the space elevator via mass transit tubes which allow infantry to move between them as a movement action (if the target is occupied it counts as storming)  additionally access points are designed for rapid access, so an infantry unit may enter an access point for free it they end their movement in contact with it (specifically after a disembark order)


Victory conditions:  The game lasts for four turns, at the end of turn four score as below:

1 SP for holding the space elevator with take and hold units.

1 SP for holding both control centres with take and hold units.

1 SP for having the only infantry occupying the transport network (i.e. the only player with infantry in access points, control centres or space elevator.


If at the end of the game one player has 2 SP they score a major victory, if 1 SP and the other doesn't they score a minor victory. If both players have the same SP the game is a draw.


Prize support and lunch:

Lunch is provided as part of the entry price, is freshly made during the event and caters to any dietary requirement and includes a drink and a snack.


All entrants receive 20% off at the outpost and prizes are as follows:

1st place £30 store credit voucher.

2nd place £20 store credit voucher.

3rd place £10 store credit voucher.

Lowest total TV £10 store credit voucher.

Best painted army £10 store credit voucher.

Whatever else I can lay my hands on.


The tournament costs £17.50  for the day.


Tickets are available at: http://the-outpost.co.uk/events/

or by calling 12pm-8pm (10pm on a thursday) weekdays or 10am-8pm weekends , 7 days a week on 0114 2752172

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Fantastic day yesterday.

5 games were a little ambitious for an intro tourneyso it ran a little late but the turn out was good and everyone had fun.

Undoubtedly me as I won overall and got bloodiest general (lowest TV) :D

Well run and would definitely go again!

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Well I played a 4000 pt game the next day and enjoyed it more.... might have been the lifting of the curse meant a more competitive game which came very close in the end. (The problem with weakening the enemies squadrons without wiping them out is that although they are no longer a threat, you don't get the points for them).

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