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Kuzaos Relthoza

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Painting process:

Black base

Vallejo grey primer directional wit airbrush

Vallejo air duck egg green on glowing things

Possibly small white highlight on top of that

Heavy green wash the whole model(old Thrakan green works well)

Fabre cartel metallic green felt pen for edge highlights

Then very heavy varnishing. Absolutely necessary as the metallic pen rubs of at the slightest touch

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As someone who loves painting miniatures, these are fantastic! I wish I could airbrush like this....




........Though as an individual who has a fear of spiders.... *screams like a little girl and runs away*

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I didn't plan on it, but it looks like it has been pretty exactly one year....


So here are the latest additions to my Relthoza army: A command and a ground attack helix.




and yeah i was kinda lazy with image cropping.... sue me ^^

If I am not mistaken this is 4000pts on the nose. 





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Thanks for posting this! I just tried it out on my new Veydreth ships. I primed black, grey primed from the top at a pretty steep angle, then did some white primer from a little angle from straight above. Worked like a charm after I base coated over it.

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