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Our first Planetfall battle or "How Not to Sky Drop"

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Not much a of a detailed report as we only made it to turn 2 and we didn't use the Zero Hour Tracker, but the results were pretty clear.


1 Directorate half core helix


1 Dindrenzi half core helix


Played on a relatively small table (36x36) I played the directorate and at first complained at how I didn't get to use sky drop markers. My opponent placed both his markers in my deployment zone and we began. Din claimed first turn and the Kratos vaporised one of my medium crawlers... not a great start. My remaining mediums moved up to take pot shots at the Leto;s that had recon moved to the center line, scratching two of them. Din mediums moved up and scratched two of my recon buggies and designated his marker. Desolator moved up, LOST CQB with the Leto's, loosing one damage point but scratching a Leto, then fired its main weapons to finish them off. My cyber tanks moved up and dropped a debilitating effect marker on a medium Dindrenzi tank, dropping its DR enough for the Intruder APCs missiles to put a damage point on it, promptly failing the disorder check  which converted to damage at the end of the turn. Here in lay our only rules cock up as far as i am aware as the disorder marker converted to a damage point on the medium that had already been damaged destroying it, we found out later the tank damaged doesn't HAVE to be the one that gets the disorder marker.


Turn 2

We began with the dindrenzi trying to sky drop on the zeroed in marker, first deviation roll put it over my apc and disembarked patriots, he obviously re-rolled this time going down toward my deployment zone, rolled a 4 which put the pods base over my cybertanks, moved further down due to the passing over rule but also had to move over my recon buggies who were at the back of the board, forcing the pod off the table...


We decided as it was a learning game to call it there, aside from the disorder marker we got everything right as far as we know and had a blast

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That's the worst part, the site was zeroed, we weren't aware of how the passing over worked and figured hot dropping in the middle of my force to open up with CQB engagements was worth the risk. needlessly to say lessons were learnt that placing both your sky drop markers in your opponents deployment zone was not a great plan especially when your opponent can just surround them.

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