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WAR LOG 3725

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Players: Captain Frederic vs JustK (not on forum)

Scenario: 2 - Escalating Engagement

Size: 550

Faction: Sorylian vs Relthoza

Sorylian 0: Relthoza 4

Winner: Draw

1 more turn would have really made a difference the Relthozan tier 1s had been wiped out, their 2 destroyers had a single hull point each, and their Tier 1 lead model was a single critical away from being at half hull points. The Sorylians had lost their destroyers but their tier 3 squad had lost a single hull point and their battleship hadn't shown up yet. All of the Relthoza ships were trapped by asteroid fields in a corner adjacent to where the Sorylian Battleship could deploy and maximize weapons with minimal effort (if it showed up).

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Players:   Dreïtsch       vs     Zelord
Scenario:        1 - Border Clash
Size:                       1200
Faction:   Dindrenzi      vs    Xelocian
Score :    Dindrenzi 15  /      Xelocian -6


Lieutenant : Admiral! Admiral!! the satcom show us a new threat! A very impressive Dreadnought!

A Dreïtsch : Damn is dreadnought is bigger than mine...

Lieutenant : What do we do?

A Dreïtsch : Call more Frigate.

Lieutenant :  Oo'


So for his first xelocian battle, Zelord suffer a sever beating.

We discuss at the end of game and it appears that is Tier 1 is a very strong but expensive ship. That force him to play less squadron than me.

That cost him the game and maybe the fact that he put his Tiers 3 in shunt reserve instead is tiers 2.

(to exploit is fire power at board and starboard).

Fun fact : there was an Aquan Ghost ship in this space area but the first one trying to destoy it was theyr so called ally!

I'm pretty sure they want avoid their dirty secret to escape but i just want to visit the gift shop ;p


His list :

-2x5 Frigate

-2x4 Cruiser with corrosive mar

-1 Dreadnought with Corrosive Mar

  +1 shield rating

  8 Wings


Mine : 

-3x3 Frigate

-3x3 Cruiser

-1 Dreadnought with -1 turn limit

  Torpedo to fore

  and 3 RSN escort


I will try to writ a battle report when he send me the photo. (those sold in the gift shop!)

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Players: MistahSly vs Not on Forum (would prefer if I didn't use his name)

Factions: Hawker Industries vs Relthoza

Points: Just under 1200

Scenario: Recover Resources (This time done RIGHT :P )

Battlelog: HI: -10/ Relthoza: 15


The rematch saw the battle as more of a slaughter. The spiders lost their carrier in the first turns, however, by the end not only had they found all three objectives, but they also wiped out my entire Hawker fleet except one battleship before the last activation. If it had gone on for another turn, I'm pretty sure the Nexus and Assassin cruisers would have finished that one too.

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Players: Quiet01/CLAP!

Points: 750

Scenario: Capture The Station

Factions: Directorate(attacker) vs Ryushi(defender)

Battle Log Score: 10 to -5

Directorate profits up this quarter!

The Directorate forces consisted of the RotO ships plus 2 escorts.

This was my first time commanding the Directorate forces, I was impressed.

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Players: The Key Maniac/Usagi (not signed up)
points: 1200
scenario: border clash
Factions: Directorate Vs Aquan
Battle Log Score: 9/5

I owned the first half of the game and then she came back second half...this game ive already put up in the discussion which is where the workings came up so feel free to post if the points are wrong because im pretty bad with math so i had help from another work the points (thanks to kurgan for working the points out for me)

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Players: MistahSly vs Missus Sly
Points: 1000
Scenario: Escalating Engagement
Factions and Allies: Hawker Industries vs Dindrenzi
Battle log: HI: 10/ Dindrenzi: -3 Hawker Major Triumph


Players: Robbie (not on forums)/ William (not on forums)

Points: 1000
Scenario: Border Clash
Factions and Allies: RSN vs Ryushi
Battle log: RSN: 5/ Ryushi: 3 Draw


Players: Alex (not on forums)/ Not on Forum (would prefer if I didn't use his name)

Points: 1000
Scenario: Hold the Waypoints
Factions and Allies: Sorylians vs Relthoza
Battle log: Sorylians: 9/ Relthoza: 0 Sorylian Marginal Success

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Players: FragEmAll vs Ryan (Not on Forums

Points: 1000

Scenario: Border Clash

Factions and Allies: Sorylians vs Terrans

Battle log: +14/-3


Carrier + 2 cruisers (Lost Carrier)

Gunships x 3 (Lost 1)

Cruisers x 4 (All Lost)

Frigates x 5 (Lost 1)

Corvettes x 5 (Lost 1)


Carrier + 2 Cruisers (All Lost)

Battlecruisers x 2 (All Lost)

Cruisers x 3 (All Lost)

Frigates x 4 (All Lost)

Frigates x 4 (All Lost)

A close start, but having one less Tier 1 unit on the field meant I could score more Battle log points. Once the battlecruisers went down it fast went in the Sorylian favour with the last surviving Terran cruiser diving into the midst of the Sorylian armada in a glorius last stand (took out the last of the cruiser squadron)

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Rocy7 vs Wintermute (not from forum)

Border Clash

Points 800

Works Raptor vs RNS

Battlelog 10 / 8

Works Raptor win. RNS surrender and withdraw from battle when lost bombers and don't have firepower to hit difficult target Assault Carrier.

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hahncvs darmi (not on Forum)
Border Clash
Points 700
 Oroshan vs Directorate
Battlelog -1/ 10

 a lot of bad dice rolling for the oroshan, I think they where complainig that I played them only half way painted.          

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Players: Dorian (not on forum) vs Knautscher
Factions: Directorate vs. Terran Alliance
Points: 750
Scenario: Recover Resources 
Battlelog:  -6 (Directorate) 10¹ (Terran Alliance)


Didn't lose a single Terran ship and wiped out his entire fleet. He's new to the game though, and superior luck tactics on my part decided the game.


¹actually 22, but since it was only a Patrol level battle, it only goes up to 10. :(

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Possibly 10/-8? Otherwise it would be a draw, and I don't know how you'd get those scores in a Border clash.

RNS surrender in moment when they lost bombers and don't have firepower to hit Assault Carrier.
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hahncvs akahito (not on Forum)
Border Clash
Points 1000
  directorate + oroshan vs soryolian
Battlelog 15/ 0

directorate battleship, basically won the game with ist first activation in turn 3 

- Bombers halved a crusier squadron, left broadside, halved and killed the second damaged cruiser squadron and the right broadside finished of the battlecrusier,    2+2+2+3 = 9 Points in one activation, and he lost 4 so a Delta of 13 Points,      ;-)  

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Slayer Tournament results:


Game 1: Border Clash, my Relthoza vs Terrans, 800 points

Battlelog 10/-5, victory to Relthoza


Game 2: Escalating Engagement, Relthoza vs Aquans, 800 points

Battlelog 10/-2, victory to Relthoza


Game 3: Hold the Waypoints, Relthoza vs RSN, 800 points

Battlelog 10/-1, victory to Relthoza


Game 4: Custom Scenario (similar to recover resources), Relthoza vs Relthoza, 800 points

Battlelog 10/4, victory to my Relthoza


Game 5: Custom Scenario (similar to Ambush), Relthoza vs Relthoza, 800 points

Battlelog -4/10, victory to enemy Relthoza

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