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My Mercenaries

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I was going to put these in my KoB thread, but they deserved a thread of their own.


Of course, if further mercenary sections become available, I can always add them here too. I'm looking at you, 'the Honourable Eclipse Company'.


These guys are now finished, but I wouldn't say I was happy with them. The faces were a paint to paint, and the sculpted lines on the shirts of the Ratings was more of a distraction to actually painting any lines on them that any kind of help. It is impossible to paint as finely as those lines were sculpted, and have it look realistic.


Anyway, here you go with the pics. As always, C&C is welcome, and bigger pictures are here.




They look better from a distance on the table, those white lines are a mess under the unforgiving lens of the camera. I'm not sure on the blue bases either. They go with a nautical theme, and they are darker in real life.

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