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If I had to guess I'd say it'd be another classic matchup. The first was Terran/Dindrenzi and the second will be Aquan (from the preview model) and Directorate.


Then...maybe next year the Relthoza versus Snakes on a Starship?


That's my two ducats.



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I'd rather see 2 marauder factions


 That would be pretty cool, but the low point cost for marauder ships (especially STL are dirt-cheap) kinda disqualifies them. A legal Patrol-fleet-size (1 T1, 2-3 T2, 3-4 T3) STL force would put it ~300 points...


Considering the Spartans current shipping practice, I'd wager something like Hawker (with the Regent as an exclusive starter pack model) and Works Raptor with the Opressor (or whatever they're still missing).

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When Planetfall was announced, there was mention of a tie-in between Proteus Prime boxed set and this new FSA, both should be Aquans vs Directorate. If this has changed is anyone's guess, but I hope not...

I hope for the new Heavy Carrier for Aquans, and perhaps the TEV Hidden Knowledge as limited edition or scenery (like the Valhalla station).

Then again, my wallet has a faint hope that at least one of those are missing. (It's not like I really need a fourth squad of Aquan cruisers...)

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Wait, terquai? I thought it's gonna have the missing..whatchacallem, kitty race. Not ryushi.


Also, hopefully it'll mean we will see the Praetorian and Tyrant out in boxes with escorts (singles are nice, but as they are valid list units, i think they should have proper release) if they are going to discontinue the Valhalla box (I can only assume so).

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Just.. The story from the booklet you get the Planetfall starter box hints at a Terquai ship (not the shuttle).


My Thougths are revolving around the what it is, my bet is its an Assault carrier/RD of some kind, with drones. It's also based on that the Terquai need a large for smaller games where you can't field a dreadnought.


It's just my guess/assumptions/hopes and probably unrelated but Idk really.



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