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Avatars by Jlav

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Hey Guys,

Noticing the lack of avatars on several members, I've begun to make some.  Some are animated, some are not.  I will post them in here, and the are also arranged in a member album here.  All of these are <50k unless specified as otherwise.  Also worth mentioning is the concept art by Robin Carey, whose work is easily found on Deviant Art.


If you have any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do.



eotbs tank 50k

eotbs tank

eotbs steambike

eotbs officer

EotBS shinobi

eotbs officer 2

EotBS grunt




teutonic knight

tesla 50k

prussia tank



prussia luftlancers 1

prussia Faust 1



FSA tank

FSA specialist

FSA Specialist static

FSA officer


FSA major B

FSA pulsinig soldier

FSA grunt soldier

FSA carrier




KOB tank


KOB rockets

KOB Rocket


CA General

CA Naval Officer

CA general closeup

CA stickem Up

CoA Ironclad

CoA barnabus sturgeon



RoF Tank officer

RoF Tank officer closeup

RoF Officer


generic lucky

generic overwatch


generic Shaken


generic upperhand


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If you make any FSA ones I'll be happy to try using one.


I've always struggled to find anything to use for avatars.

Added some FSA, will work on some Brits next.  I have had some trouble finding anything for France or Antarctica atm

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