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Aquan Leviathan: An Anthology of Speculation

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So... I want this to be a fun and creative as possible! With works you may have done, or some you may have found... what do you think the Leviathan with look like? What do you think the theme will be? Giant 100ft sperm whale in power armor? Gooby jellyfish with guns similar to Orga from godzilla 2000? Let your brains puke creativity all over this thread. I've got plenty of rags.

Personally I would like to see a combination of:



Combined with:


A massive carrier of sorts... slow, armed to the teeth, but also providing a safe haven for troops. I'd also like to see something a tad more organic then what is usually the Aquan norm but who knows....

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If we take a look at the old biomechanical concept images, we can see that the final minis are still in the same style, just without the organic parts. One thing we haven't seen yet is a chicken legged mecha like the one in the concept art. It doesn't really look leviathan sized, but it's hard to judge without any references.


I would bet that we will see a chicken legged mecha for the Aquans at some point and maybe the leviathan will look similar to it too.


If not, I'd like to see something akin to the flying squid of the Japanese in Dystopian Wars. A futuristic titanesque hoversquid would be very cool!



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is that the big flying dragon your talking about? that model is quite a looker for sure, but maybe a tad to..out there... for my taste. the leviathan is going to be sooo wizard, i can hardly contain myself thinking about it.

Me? No I'm talking about a much more futuristic version of this model:




I think it would fit well in the Planetfall aesthetic.

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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh got a real War of the Worlds vibe to that, nice! 



I for one would welcome a giant war of the worlds style tripod to tangle with the big mechs in the dindrenzi and terrans got. 

The tripods from the 2005 film would fit fairly well, just smooth out the hull a bit, paint it blue  :rolleyes:

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