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pfibp's FSA

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Good evening,


as already mentioned in my introdution a few minutes ago I collect the FSA troops for a bit more a year now.

So far I didn't really have chances to play the game but I'd like to use this thread to share my painted minis with you.

If you like leave some feedback. :)


I also try to blog frequently on my hobby projects (also non-Spartan Games products) here at Wordpress: http://pfiek.wordpress.com/tag/dystopian-legions/

The pictures here are posted on Dakkadakka.com. Just click them for a bit higher resolution and possible zoom options.


FSA Lieutenant


This is the first Dystopian Legions mini I painted.
Sine this time I learned a few new tricks and revised some decisions on my DL minis.
I still try to stay with the trech-like base design and the "Union" colors for the uniforms.

But I dropped the NMM since it was to time consuming and hence I'm still considering to repaint this one.


More pictures of him can be found here in my blog (Text only in German. Sorry. :) ): http://pfiek.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/dystopian-legions-lieutenant-der-fsa-bemalt/




Dr Orlington


Second one I painted was Dr Orlington.
I selected a non uniform color for him since he's a bit of a civilian.
Thought about adding needle stripes on his suit but turned out to be too tricky for me. ^^


More pictures of him can be found here (this time with English text also ;) ): http://pfiek.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/dystopian-legions-fsa-dr-orlington/






At present I'm working on a unit of treadbikes for my FSA forces.
First one was a kind of prototype since I wasn't sure about the color combination.

Turned out pretty nice. Especially after weathering. :)

The other three are planned for this weekend.
Sine the unit is not finished by now there's no blog post with additional pictures, yet.
Just this teaser. :)



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Excellent painting, really impressive! The only thing I'm not too sure about is the blue base edge; it draws too much attention away from the models themselves IMHO, a more neutral (sand/earth) colour would make your models pop out even more.

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Thanks for the comments, guys.


Concerning the base edge:
Yes, you are not the first one to mention it. But the blue has a meaning. It picks up the base color of the uniforms and brings the army together or how you want to call it.

I did something like that for my Ariadna already and it worked pretty good (see old group shot below).
Nevertheless it's possible I change my mind once I have a bit more FSA painted. ;)




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I also colour the edges of my bases. In armies that are "ragtag" it helps bring unity to the squads (squad "A" in red, "B" in blue, etc). For armies that are "uniform" it helps to break the monotony of painting the same thing over and over again. Plus it gives you an "at a glance" reminder of which squad is which (especially if you've gotten into melee with multiple squads)

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