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Directorate Vs Dindrazi with proxies

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Ok this is not really a full battle report more of a review of the units played. That and the fluff we decided on for the battle.

Forces per side


1 din core box + archangel.

Represented by Aquans, works raptor tanks and a mech clicks model.

2 infantry units were 1 commander + 3 gun teams each.


1 directorate half core infantry had 2 gun teams + 1 Bakashi air helix.

Bakash represented by WR witches and teraqui gunship.


The Dindrazi have not paid the last bill claiming incorrect goods shipped (although where the Directorate got Aquan chassis we don't know). So in go the baliffs.

Stars of the show.

Bakash Gunship.

This unit was everywhere killing everything we played 4 turns in that time it killed the Dindrazi small, half a unit of infantry (and would have took the whole squad if they had still been there) and was only 1 damage off the Din marker tank.

Archangel although it was deployed over sky dropped did well. sky dropped would have been awsome.

Poor performers

Cyber tanks.

Not really got the hang of these yet were more ablative cover for the directorate large tbh.

Din Infantry squad 2

Sailed just off of the board on drop.

Final score directorate -6 dindrenzi 8

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How did the Dindrenzi player find the Nyx Infantry with Gun Teams? I've been Planning to run mine as pretty much all Breaching Teams, so curious to see what the thoughts on the gun team option was.

Oh, and did somebody forget to designate properly for Squad 2...?  :rolleyes:

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Hey, I was Althorin's opponent so I can answer those questions.

The only zeroed in site wasn't in a tactically advantageous place so I brought both squads down on an undesignated site. The first landed in a pretty good position and would have been able to assault my primary objective if it hadn't been for the APC sitting along side the wall. Between cqb and shooting they made short work of the apc. They died before they next got an opportunity to do anything though. I like the guns, but can't say how they compare to breachers which also look like an excellent choice.

The other drop pod landed right on the table edge... an inch shorter and it would have been fine... and have deployed a squad on the other side of my primary objective and behind the directorate heavy tank. So I'd say that taking the risk almost paid off big time.

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