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Spellduckwrong's Pathogen Fleet

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same here if you are ever in Germany, southern Bavaria, drop by for a game,

Lansing MI, is not on my normal travel route  so I don't believe I will have a chance to go there.

I have been in Chicago once, but thats long ago, the last buisness trips always took me to the more southern states, califonia, Texas, ...



I would love to see your fleet grow and an Overall shoot with all the models.



@tentacle maker,

I have got one at home, and it is already in good use for other projects, and should be the base for a similar fleet.



I have been  defining my idea of a pathogen fleet in the last days.

-  I started with a more more detailed look into the rules, and the number of models is frightening, since the captured models are all quite cheap you will really need a lot of them 15 Points for the captured smalls, and squadrons of 8 Models, means I will need at least 20 smalls, more likely 30 since you can add them as escorts to the bigger ones, and a total of approx 50 ships.


I did some preliminary drawings of ships I could construct myself, (Lasercut MDF would be my material, + greenstuff add-ons.

These would make up the base of my fleet, I will do some Trials this summer, but don't exepect to even decide on a full fleet before September.

If they work out nicely, I would then try to add one/two infected ships from each race, maybe even go Shopping outside Spartan for some really diffrent models.


@mixed fleets issue.

I normally play WYSIWYG, in most games, and that meant painting up a lot of spare models, most of my conversions are weapon changes for Options that were not available as models. with the paothogen fleet it is one distinctive kind of ships for the non captured ones, and then a mix of all other races for the captured ones.

Using one fleet type (like your terrans) as a base for all the non-Captured models should solve the issue.


My self made fleet would be the base pathogen fleet, and these would need to look similar enough (even some similar design Features for the diffrent sizes,  to ensure that there is no confusion, about the ship type,

- all other models of one size class will then fit the captured "Size" ship class from the orbat.


Just thinking about it is already fun, so I will Need to try it myself.

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