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Warlog for Dystopian Wars

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1000pts Naval KoB (Elric) vs EotBS (Dave C)


Dave destroyed my Smalls and boarded my Ruler to meet his objective. I manged to Prize his Heavy Battleship the same turn to meet mine . We had both caused a lot of damage to the other - great game !

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RC (me) vs KoB (non-member Genda) 1200

CV for RC

Great battle though. We have seen two teleportations (one of my saransks was shot off the table), Magazine explosion that took off Saransk and crit another and Azov And a triple crit on Lord Hood from one shooting Tambov.

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RC (me) vs KoB (non-member) 1000

CV for RC


Many back and forth moments, boarding shenanigans, and crazy maneuvers. Was able to meet my "All Mediums & 50%" order, with TAC cards rocketing me to a dominating lead. First time fielding the Rostovs, and boy do I love them!

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Many new toys after Salute, seriously dangerous for the wallet!


VonDracken VS Rigabear


PE                VS KOB

CD               VS CV


Probably the most well rounded and fair game i`ve ever played, no ridiculous dice, no mag ex or teleport, just very balanced and reasonable!



VonDracken VS Izzinatah


Indian Raj    VS Black Wolf

CV               VS CD


In stark contrast this game was utterly mental, only lasting 2 turns and with neither side finishing with any large, culminating a massive boarding fest in the middle that Indians got the better of, personal highlight of Chanura invoking the commodore ability and boarding the obscured (completely healthy) Retribution Sky Fortress, before setting off a cycle where it was derelicted, and it's captors were derelicted themselves in turn! Utter carnage, a truly mental game.

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Three games.


KoB vs PE: CV for KoB.  We switched forces for this one so my own fleet beat me.  Some bad maneuvering compounded by a freak magazine explosion meant my AP was not where I needed them.  I do not like playing with a Prussian fleet.  Nope, not one bit.


KoB vs FSA Armored fight.:  CV for KoB.  First activation of the game the Royal Oak spoke and almost two hundred points disappeared.  At RB3 he doubled out a John Henry with a magazine explosion.  This happened to kill the second robot and a small tank base.  The broadside took a second tank base out.  Five activations later my opponent remembers the John Henry has (had) Rugged Construction.  game went downhill after that.


Another table at the store:

PE vs KoD:  Draw.  The Prussian player brought two Metzgers and a Rhine so it was rather interesting. 

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Me (RC) vs non-meber Tyler (EotBS)




Helping him out with rules clarifications and such. Pretty tight game really, with fires and ice bergs littering the landscape in a weird oxymoron.

I got his Commodore and a squad of smalls. Deployed half of his force too far to the edge, so I wasn't able to meet my 70% order.


Double Azov is pure evil

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Great game today

VonDracken Vs Izzinatah


Republique of France vs FSA

MV vs MD

The Fsa would have won it on turn 2 but for a single frigate on 1 health, and it only went to the french with a Mag Ex on a completely healthy cruiser, very close game!

Boy I hate that. But that makes it a fun time.

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1500- Rof (me) vs EotBS(fluffy)

 CV vs CD


close game, my redoubtable AA was vital in surviving the ridiculous amounts of dice he can throw.

In the last turn(turn 3). he failed at boarding my Vauban (something like 4/14 hits on his boarding dice), which would of completed his objective of 70%


I then used my last activation to kill his last small. completing my objective right at the end.

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1250 points LoIS vs. OE: CV for LoIS with rather close 720-630 VP and mission (kill all mediums) accomplished. The game lasted 3 turns and all went well for the LoIS until I overstretched their abilities with a huge boarding attempt [2x3 Gladius + 4 Corvettes + Minervas Node] against OE Dread and one Sinop (both with CAPs). I took out the Sinop, but the Dread survived at 2 AP and took out 3 fresh cruisers, OE bombers did two more -> 425 points dead in one turn. Corrosion really was hell for the LoIS, crippled my larges, but they kept floating.


Game on another table:

1000 points EoBS vs. KoB: CV for EoBS. All KoB models on the bottom of the seas after 4? turns.



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2 turn board and flamorama


VonDracken Vs Rigabear





incredibly close game, both sides chose 70%, Prussians got their objective by 45 pts, after a streak of lucky boardings and optimistic prizings! Last game for a few months, great way to bow out before my long break.

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1500 Tezeech vs Roach


Coa vs Raj w bw allies


Coa Major victor


my list was 


1 promethius w shields and target painter

1 aristole w guns

1 time dilation orb

3 zenos

3 cleos with guns

1 hippasus

5 thales

5 thales


was a fun and scary list

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Two games from the past week, both 1250 points.

Thamoz (coa) vs Dave-non-forum-member (kob)

Crushing victory for the coa (and now he knows what zenos do :P)

Thamoz (coa) vs wilson-he-who-must-revise (KoD)

Crushing victory for the coa, the Danish really need that alpha strike, but this time got picked apart before they got there. First outing for the keplers and hyperbius. Both did very well.

This was in revenge for...

Previous week:

Thamoz (coa) vs wilson (kod)

Crushing victory for KoD. Yeah, he got that alpha strike the first time.

Crushing victiry

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One game a week or so ago - 1000 points


RoF (me) v KoB (non-forum member) - Draw


KoB had loads of submarines but after I smacked his surface fleet he had no good way to deal with my Frelons and Furieux. There was a ton of combat and destruction but no victory for either of us.

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Several games over the last month or so.

Me (FSA) vs Dan (RC) non forum member.

1st game - Draw, but got several rules wrong.

2nd game - RC minor victory. That ablative armour is hard to deal with

3rd game - FSA major victory. Revised my tactics and bent him over!

4th game - draw, but only due to time restrictions. Likely minor RC win if we'd carried on.

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