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Directorate Vs Aquans

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I gave a mate an introductory learning game today. He's very interested in the game and today was the first chance we've had to have a game together so we threw down with the contents of two Battle For Proteus Prime box sets.


I haven't painted the mini's yet, as I want to get the Dindrenzi painted first and I don't want to have to stop painting either of these forces part way through when the Dindrenzi are released.


I set up the table and placed the objectives before my mate arrived so we could get into the rules explanations and deployment much quicker.


I think 2 x Proteus box forces come out at around 2500 points per side, which only requires a single secondary objective, but I threw two in just for some added fun and some more terrain. I assigned the following TV for the objectives;


Primary = 5

Secondary = 3

Tertiary = 1


The Aquans had the Red objectives and the Directorate the Blue objectives.


I wanted to focus pretty much on the Movement, CQB and Shooting parts of the game, so as a first learning game for my mate, I didn't include TAC's or Logistic Points in the forces.


Terrain was played as per the rule book, except for forests. I played them like this;


Forests are Impassable to Tracked/Wheeled Models.


LOS is blocked between Models on opposite sides of a forest. LOS is NOT blocked into or out of forests. A model of Armoured LOS Class or lower gains a Cover Save (Red 1) if any part of its base is within a forest. 


We didn't have time to take the game to Planetfall as it was a first learning game for my mate. These games always take a long time to complete because there is so much explaining of rules and discussion going on...but at the time we finished, the Aquans had 15 TV points remaining to reach Planetfall and the Directorate had 20 TV points remaining to reach Planetfall.


The Deployment




End Turn 1 - Pretty much just moving towards each other and our objectives. A little shooting and killing of light vehicles.




End Turn 2 - More moving and a heap of shooting. I was happy to Cyberwarfare a Sedna that had moved into the tree line, scoring a Debilitating Effect Marker lowering its DR and then following that up with some shooting and later an Infantry CQB attack, destroying the vehicle. 




End Turn 3 - Some movement, some CQB and lots of shooting and damage. The main focus for us here was the two Infantry units both going for my Secondary objective (the little Blue building on the left). The Aquans in an effort to capture it and prevent me from taking it, thereby denying me TV points, and me to take it so I could get the TV points. Both Infantry units disembarked and prepared to enter the building next turn. Both of us knew that whoever won initiative next turn would be the first to Occupy the building....at this time, I kinda wished I did include Logistic Points.




End Turn 4 - More moving shooting and killing. The Aquans won initiative, so captured and Occupied the building in their first activation of the turn...so in my first activation I stormed the building with my Infantry. The Aquans scored only 3 hits, killing a single Infantry stand. I then rolled 12 dice, 3 dice per stand (2CQB each + 1CQB each for Kill Team) and ended up getting 22 hits!!! killing all the Aquans in the building and then Occupying it.


Also, at this stage, I was really starting to hate the Sedna sitting in the trees with 4 shields and 1 cover save :) Kinda wished I had a 30AD Artillery strike I could drop in the copse of trees.




End Turn 5 - More death and destruction. I made a big mistake during this turn, forgetting to CQB the Squadron of Lamana's with my Patriot Infantry from my Secondary objective before they moved off...what a missed opportunity for my otherwise house-bound Infantry. My mate took a heap of TV off me this turn for destroying the last Models in a few Squadrons...and this is where we had to leave the game. If it had kept going, I guess it could still have been anyone's game, but most likely the Aquans would have won.



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Very nice battle report.

Hard to fight Aquans with actual Directorate miniatures.

Elite status of Aquans and their range/firepower ... Make them a real challenge for Directorate's commanders.

Interesting battle.

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