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Acquisition Group 1337 (Phaedros' Directorate)

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It has been over two months since I made Planetfall, unfortunately life has a way of making you re-prioritize how you spend your time.

However, now that things have settled down, I have begun working on Acquisition Group 1337 at full speed.

In a matter of moments I will update the OP with my first complete model. :)

Edit: Right, so, my camera is unable to focus on the mini, but I'm gonna see if my roommate's camera works in a bit.

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Nice scheme, but a common issue with washes and shades are they dry shiny, meaning light points from camera flash appear in crevices you want shadow. If that's the effect you want, all good but IMO a matte varnish would make them look really really good.


I put rings around what i mean as he shine.



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@BrotherZaah: Yeah, I've been meaning to pick up some matte varnish for awhile now, and I think both the models and bases could use a highlight, especially the Desolator and Trojans as I got a little crazy with washing. :)

I personally am not a fan of clean paint jobs for tanks and such as you can see. :)

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