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Mini Report

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Not so much a detailed report but an update on the fact that I really like this game. Sure it has its faults but I have no doubt Spartan will get the rulebook issues worked out and Errata/FAQ will come along shortly. This models though are so great, I love painting them... Anyway on to the battle...

My friend and I split the 2 Player box and have gotten in about 4 games. Our most recent game was played setting up a scenario straight by the rules. We rolled for placing objectives, assigned TV to each and placed sky drops, TAC's and such as if we weren't playing a special scenario.

We each used the full contents of the Prime Box, minus 1 Crystal and 1 Aquan Infantry base to even points a bit more.

Game was very back and forth and I was able to truly see how maneuverable the Aquans are with their hover as he moved around my steady Directorate.

The highlight of the game was the first time we were able to use the Storming CQB rules. My Patriot Infantry stormed a building occupied by Aquan Infantry and after some crazy good shooting by his fishmen my Patriots looked like they couldn't make a dent... But they killed all but 2 of the Aquans with my only 2 remaining Directorate... 6's galore.

I still lost the game though but it was fun haha.

I only posted pics of the models painted so far.





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Glad to hear your having fun, i haven't gotten a game in yet as i have yet to find a person willing to play. Im still enjoying painting them in the meantime. Great job on the Aquan light skimmers, very cool color choice.

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