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Thoughts on V2 Oroshan

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They're pretty brutal and to the point really. Big squadrons of small and medium ships with strong beams mean they can reach out and hit targets at mid-long range very easily while the larges have excellent coverage with their beam turrets. The any arc torpedoes give a good secondary attack for most of the squadrons while the larges primary broadsides make it easy to line up multiple targets in close range. The escort is a little beast in its own right, able to lay down fire on both sides for minimal cost and it has some good (if pricey) boarding upgrades. They're one of the few races I can say boarding is more then just an extra hit every once in a while, their strong AP values and excellent upgrade options alone make them one of the better factions in boarding and the option for high energy can help kill crew over time by piling on the hazard markers. Very well rounded faction with no duds in the fleet, the only real downside so far for me is their cost/ squadron which usually means taking less then full size squads of cruisers and frigates in smaller games, not that that is really a problem given their good stats and access to pack hunters. They're worth buying if you like the designs (they all look awesome imo) and playing a brutal in your face type of force. $.02

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