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Althorin's Planetfall.

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Ok first chunk of directorate complete.


now I have a problem. Looking @ ideas for the Aquans and came up with the following.


the bone was my first idea but I am not overly satisfied with it, so I have thrown together the orange. Nether is finished yet by a long shot, and the bases are still separate. So what do people think?

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Ok this week I have been busy. First up are a couple of Helix shots of my directorate. As yet unnamed currently considering Aperture Acquisitions. But something McDonald's, EA, Blizzard or Fox are also possible. So without any more rambling.



Now 2 of the Teriyaki.



finally a close up of the directorate infantry


ok just Works Raptor to go. Well that and objectives.

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Ok the holidays have been and gone time for an update.


So i purchased a Relthoza core helix for my significant other for Christmas and as part of the present i offered to paint it for her. i got her to chose 2 colours, she went for sky blue and scaly green, and set to it. here are the results.










So that 160+ annoying spiders finished (well bar weapons). Next up purple Sorylians 2 core + 1 heavy helix to arrive in approx 2 weeks

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Ok another update this time just because they are purple does not mean Barney is involved  :angry:  :D.










really happy with the scheme over all and the drop marker is fantastic in person. However i now come upon a minor problem, I have no idea what colour to paint my heavy infantry. I want them to stand out but not clash with the tanks and light infantry (who will be the colour of those on the bikes and apc).


Any ideas?


Oh and the last two heavy legs are on the way form Spartan, yes another misspack! So the heavy helix's heavy has a partially painted large.

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