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Maulwurfmanns Planetfall

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I´m so happy my boxes (One proteus prime, a Terquai and Works Raptor)  arrived at my local store that weekend. And i couldn´t stop painting the last two days.

So i show you my Aquan forces until now.



(Swordsmen on the picture just for size comparison for my friends)


First i painted some Imzani. I wanted to invert the colour sheme. Just yellow as main colour and blue/turquoise as second.





Next thing i´m working on are the stingray sites.


First wash



How you like it?

Too yellow?


By the way, i ordered the Terquai box and there are missing 10 heads. I read about this issue but i don´t know who to tell to get me the missing parts. If you got any solutions where to adress i would be very happy. Thanks.

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Thanks for all the replys. Sadly i did not find the time to paint today. Too much work here ;). I´m looking forward for tomorrow for new pictures.



I think the color is perfect, beautifully painted. For the missing heads, email : despatch@spartangames.co.uk

Thanks i did that and now i´m waiting for reply. Hopefully they get here soon.


Amazing! Can we get more close ups of the infantry?


I tried but my possibilitys are limited due to my handy camera.



Given this paint scheme, and the skydrop crystals, I think there's only one thing to say:


"You must construct additional pylons."
"My life for Aiur."



Didn´t think of that but as you tell.. that´s not the worst idea ;) Lets see if i can extend the protoss theme on the bigger guys.


Thanks too all of you and see you tomorrow.

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First the promised pictures:


I finished the Stingray sites and another infantry base.




Simply beautiful !

They look amzing, and i agree , spartan models just paint up so easily you just want to paint more :)

Could you tell the names of the paints and inks, so that you paint scheme can be  "borrowed"


First primed white. Than a light wash with Army Painter Quickshade "Dark Tone" to bring out the dark lines. You can see the wash on the right infantry bases. After this paint is dry i use Citadel Casandora yellow shade. See the infantry base on the left or the medium skimmer tank.

For the yellow highlights i use Vallejo Model Color Ocre Amarillo. For the blue parts Citadel Hawk Turquoise and Citadel Scorpion Green ( don´t know the actual name) for the..you guess right green parts. Always mixing with some black or white to bring out some highlights or shadows.


Here are the WiPs i have worked on today.



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