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Van Helsing's Iron Scorpion Adventure

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I got the Iron Scorpion boxset, officially it's my xmas present. I am hoping to get the majority of the figures painted up in the next few weeks, it would be really nice if I could make it for xmas day but let's not get carried away. I like to take my time with the painting of the figures, it's the best part of the hobby for me, though I am really looking forward to rolling a few dice too.


To start I have a small group of French assembled, based and primed white. Then I washed them with a blue-grey, to help me see the detail - and some lovely detail there is too. Note I wiped the wash off the trousers and flesh with a damp brush. That's it so far, I have also started assembling the automaton, taking them slowly and putting them together an hour at a time to prevent too much frustration. 


45 days to go to xmas, let's see how much I can get painted by then.



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Any updates? Already a month gone.  ;)

Ah, erm, cough. 


Yes I am a little behind. And I don't mean I  have a small backside. Got the first batch painted, just have to take a few snaps, update soon. 


I blame the weather, it's a bit darker these days. And Dragon Age. 

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