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No need for a camo for Mother Russia !

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Thanks to everyone ! :)

(and to the french dudes ^^)


Glad to see it pleases you that much. I'll show you some other stuff when it'll be finished.


About the Myshkins, I saw them as some sad cyclopean face, so decided to play with that doing some tears-like mark ^^


Don't hesitate if you have any questions.

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Thanks ! :)


Yes It's the White (nosed) Red Army ^^


To have bright colors, its better to have a white undercoat, than a black one. But for army painting you also like to have black undercoat in the shadows. So I use the double black/white undercoat to make a pre-shadowing one.

You spray the entire model in black, and when its dry, you spray white only from the above. Its magic, and also highlight all the volumes and the details.


I'll explain my method to paint the white if you like. :)



Just finished my Borodino !!! :D

(night pics are bad, as usual)



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Thank you Karun. Never tried this method for DW. I'd really like to get your own white recipe :-) Was considering starting RC after finishing my OE, and my colour scheme would be similar to yours. In fact, for the hull I wanted to paint everything white which you painted red and vice-versa.


Really stunning fleet so far, one of the best color schemes for the Russians imho. Well done (and hope to hear from you soon)

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Great work on all of 'em! Thanks for sharing. I love the realistic wear 'n tear, but more than that, I think the pink/purple highlights add something I would never have even considered as a complimentary color.

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Thanks ! :)


Yeah, after more than 15 years of painting minies, I like to try some unusual color schemes :)


Averlorn, preshadowing undercoat works really fine with Spartan models. Here are some examples.













And here's my complete painting steps for the Russian fleet. Its something general to get an idea, but sometimes I change colors or means :

Red :
- Base Mephiston red
- localised shade mix of Mephiston + Midnight blue
- base again with some of a not very dry drybrushing of Mephiston, trying to let the shadows in the holes.
- Highlight Mephiston + Bronzed flesh
- Midnight blue in the main grooves
- edges with Bronzed flesh + Mephiston, and whynot pure bronzed flesh
Black parquet :
- base Adeptus battlegrey
- general shade whith Rhinox hide + black 50/50
- Highlights with Codex grey then brighter grey
Gold :
- Base Mithril + Tausept ocre or Snakebite
- General shade Agrax earthshade
- Localised shades of Coelia greenshade and Baal red
- edges with Mithril silver
White : a bit more difficult, and I still change the method tryin to find a quicker way, but its still the longest final step... The idea is to shadow with something like turquoise-grey or kaki-grey
- shade coelia + agrax mixed
- pure white again once or twice.
Thats for the micro-detailed areas. For wide areas I also work with some greys and turqoise like the Stegadon Scalegreen.
For the Borodino I tried to do the shade with Stegadon scale only, mixed with grey first, then pure in the main grooves. Then with pure white.


Pink light effect : On the white unerdcoat, I just paint

- some very diluted pink (Warlock Purple)

- very diluted Midnight blue, only on one side of the object

- some pure white in very little spot



Hope it helps :)

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Excellent and thank you! Will try the same method during the next weeks with my ottomans (except to take no red but only green :-) ) 

Again thank you very much for the tutorial and keep on going the good work. 



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Thanks, and looking forward to see you ottomans ;)


Came the time to care about my Sas. I tried to cut them once with a cutter, but it was too hard and dangerous. Thanks to that forum, I discovered the way using a razor-saw, and ordred one. It's magic, very quick to cut some 5 or 10 token's planes :)
Already did 10 Saw (5 not on the picture) !

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