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Operation Line Breaking! DL 1000 2vs1 Battle

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Hello everyone,


Yesterday I had a battle against Mortaal and a friend of our. We did a 2 vs 1 (Mortaal and our friend vs me) and it was an amazing cool battle. 


The Platoons:

Imperial Bond Side:

  • Prussian Empire (Friend)
    • Officer
    • Assault Grenadier Section
    • Teutonic Knights
  • Republique of France (Mortaal)
    • Officer with 3 Legionnaires
    • Marine section with Veronique


Covenant of Antarctica

  • Officer with Master Sergeant
  • Commando Section
  • Automata Section with Monique
  • Rotor Drone Section


The Scenario

Our final scenario after rolling was:

  • Deployment: Oblique Contact
  • Objective: Breakthrough
  • Battlefield Condition: Battle Weary


The game:

After rolling for everything and the deployment our battlefield looked like this:


Turn 1


The Imperial Bond got initiative and Moved on the Double with the Teutonic Knights, he Ordered Raus Raus but the Order failed.


My Automatas activated and moved into the ruin in front of them. The Officer order Increase to Power 11 but the Order also failed. 


The automatas fired at the Teutonic Knights but failed to inflict any damage.
The Marines made a On the Double move and came closer for a kill.




My Rotor Support section moved on the double into Flanking position. From this point I had cover and future LoS on the Advancing Teutonic Knights.


The Assault Grenadiers moved on the double. Together with their France allies their power on this flank because stronger will my defence was lacking on the side.


My commandos moved into the forest to the other side of the ruin. My deployment for them was useless on their current side and this was really effecting me.


RoF Officer section moved a little and fired their grenades at my Automatas but failed to do damage.


My Officer and his Master Sergeant moved on the double to enforce my defenceless flank.


The ending of Turn 1, no real causalities.
Turn 2


The Covenant got initiative. My Automatas moved into a better firing position and opened fire on the Marines who where closing in.


Resulting in 1 kill, unfortunately he has his Medic so the change that he stays dead is small. 


The Teutonic Knights advanced and fired their machine guns at my Automatas. And with my bad rolls I failed my Cover saves and 2 where killed. I took a Moral check but failed, Battle Weary is more negative for me then for them.


My Rotor Drones used their current position and opened fire at the Teutonic Knigths but failed to do damage...those b*tches are tough.



The Frence Command Section activates and fires their grenades again against my Automatas.


And because of my bad luck rolls 2 Autotmatas where destroyed.



My Officer and his Master Sergeant advances to the flank and stay stationary there to give defensive support


The Marines advance forward and come into Line of Fire of my opcoming commandos.


My Commandos move into position and fire at long range at the Marine but fail to inflict damage....my rolls are bad.


The Assault Grenadier Section move into a ruin and fires at my Officer and his Master Sergeant.


And they inflict 1 damage against my Master Sergeant


The Medic of the Marines heals the dead one.


The Engineer of the Automatas repairs 2 of the 4.
Turn 3


With luck (it is returning to me) I got initiative. My Officer ordered Snap Out of It and increase to Power 11 to my Automatas and both where succesful. Then I played the Iron Sight Expert TAC on my Automatas so gain a power attack against....you can tell....the Teutonic Knights.


With a very lucky roll I received 12 Hits, enough to Kill 2 of them (thanks to the Lethal MAR) in one attack. 

79bc5e8d homer woohoo



The Frence Command Section again fired their grenades...


... killing 1 automata.



My Rotor Drone Section fired at the Teutonic Knight causing 1 LP loss.


The Grenadier Section moved closer and opened fire at my Commandos but failed to do damage.


(From this moment my Mobile phones battery was running low and I stopped taking Pictures.


My commandos returned fire at the Grenadiers killing 2 of them.


The Marines moved on the double and they where getting really close to me.


My officer activated and fire at the Marines but failed to do damage.


The Teutonic Knight Advanced and opened fire at my automatas resulting in 1 destroyed.


My Engineer repaired no automatas


Turn 4 (Hell is coming)

To be honest I was never more desperate then know. The Imperial Bond spended 8 CP to improve initiative and well they got it.


The Marines charged my commandos, my officer issued On My Mark but failed. The Marines also got the Soldiers of Fortune TAC.


My Officer fired at the Grenadiers and killed 1.


The Grenadiers charge my officer and used the Fixed Bayonet TAC.


My Rotor Support section advanced forward unleashing a devastating attack against the Teutonic knight and killed him.


The Frence Command section again fired their grenades and killed 1 automata.


The Automatas dont care about causalities any more and move out of the ruin with a clear LoS on the opponents Senior Officer who is standing alone. The Officer issued Increase to Power 11 and was successful. The Automatas fired and Killed the Officer.


Now it was up to combat. The first round Marines vs Commandos ended up in 3 kills on both sides. The Officer vs Grenadiers ended up in 1 dead Grenadier and 2 LP loss on the CoA Officer.


Turn 5

The RoF Command Section fired their grenades at my automatas destroying 1 of them.


My Automatas advanced to the RoF Command Section but was useless for the rest of the time.


My Rotor Section advanced to the RoF Command Section and Opened fire resulting in 1 dead legionnaire and 1 LP loss on the Officer.


The Second Round of command. The Commandos vs Marines ended up in 2 dead marines and 1 LP loss on the Master Sergeant. Only his Master Sergeant is still living. The Grenadiers vs Officer ended up in no kill for the CoA and 2 dead grenadiers. 


Turn 6 theory

We ended it here. With the Imperial Bond dying and the CoA coming back the battle was "decided". My Rotor Drones would go on the double into the Imperial Bonds deployment scoring 2 Battlelog Points. Still not enough to achieve victory. The CoA would have won but we called it a draw.


After game analysis

In the first 2 turns the CoA was doomed. With no real defence on the North West flank (my point of view) and the IB advancing to that point, my view of the battle was dark. I had some bad luck in the beginning. I caused no kills and my automatas where dying off quick by the RoF Grenades.


Eventually in turn 3 I made a come back. The 2 Instant killed Teutonic Knights helped me reduce their Fire Power. Still my defences where weak on the North West side and the Charge wasn't good IMO.


Still I was lucky in combat and was winning both.


I had an awesome battle with fun, pressure and much tactical thinking.


On to the next one :D













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It looks like you had a good game. I don't think the battle was nearly as one sided as you make it sound in the first two turns. It does sound as though you had some bad luck in your attacks such as your drone support section entirely failing to wound the knights with four AD for each drone, but that happens.


I think that you will also be surprised how the Automata will be once you get drone controllers for them and they're fearless with overwatch.



Without tanks on the battlefield I wonder about the use of the Marines. They are short ranged, expensive, no better individually against troops in shooting, and as you found out they aren't even geared for melee.

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The first 2 turns really damaged and shakend my automatas and when I play 1500 I add a Drone Controller.


And my bad luck was just bad but It felt one-sided, I really tough I would lose and then the turn-over came and that helped.



Marines are indeed short-ranged but he likes them and IR 4 is really tough sometimes and with Veronique they are really tough and die-hard

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Nevermind. I thought that the Marines only had 2 blue dice against infantry. 3 Blue dice in 8" is good and 2 black+3 blue up to 16" is decent. And with Veronique they are approximately as tough as the FSA Armored Marines.


I think that there is very little cause for concern if luck is a little against you in the second turn. I can't count the number of games where my opponent gives up hope in the first half of the game and then due to the natural course of the game winds up on top or making me fight very hard for a win. 

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Let me put it this way, if you have no speed to cross to decent gun or charge ranges quickly, you are going to have a terrible time against the CoA :P. Especially marines are in dire need of transport, on top of that you probably want to get some jetpack units in for quick gap-closure.

The game was still good fun though, but when the shots started to blast apart 2/3 of sections at the time, your hands tend to get itchy.

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After my test game with the RoF I think they will be struggling until they get more support units. 


Right now the line infantry seem good but without fast units and ranged support to put pressure on the enemy and exploit weaknesses that pop up.


Right now with my FSA I have great long range in my HMGs, and great mobility with my air cav, Treadbikes, and APC.

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