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Robanes' Legions

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I can report that the Britannian Line Infantry are now finished finished, bases and all... but I still don't have access to a camera. Maybe tomorrow.


Prussian Grenadiers are coming along slowly but steadily, with a little work still to go: faces, buttons, boots and rifles. And trousers, of course. Can't forget trousers.


I've opted for white webbing on my new section of Prussians, which I think is turning out rather well. I might go back and replace the brown webbing on my existing Grenadiers with white or black; historically, they wore or white or black webbing, I think, or some combination thereon. In hindsight, brown seems rather 'unfinished' in an age when 'decorative' was nearly as much of a priority as 'functional', even if in the case of Legions I'm not painting real-world soldiers. I've also failed to note that historically the front and back sections of the pickelhaube were black with metallic trim, not solid metallic, so I may repaint them across the board too. Sadly there's no historical reference I can find for the infantry cuirasses that they only wear in the Dystopian World :D


I might go straight to Antarcticans next if I'm not distracted by my backlog for another game/system.

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Here's my completed third section of Britannian Line infantry.

And another shot of them. That moody sky in the background is absolutely real 35mm moody sky and definitely not just the colour of the walls of my apartment.



Here's that bunker. As on virtually all my terrain, the roof is removable.



These are some new dry stone walls I made.



These ruins, and the rubble within, were designed for 28mm, but ruins are ruins, aren't they? Just assume the little tiny door is that way because it collapsed.



This is a pair of breastworks that can be arranged as two bulwarks or as a single entrenchment structure.



Here's some more rubble, and part of the railway I put together.



In the background is a warehouse I built for 28mm.



This can give you a better sense of the length of the train.



And here's a close up of the engine for all you train fans out there. I like trains. What's with liking trains? It's like liking toy soldiers. I don't get why I like 'em, but I do.


Apart from a couple of short fences that need some basing that sums up my (successful) terrain projects since my previous big terrain post. I didn't get a chance to work on the Prussians today but they should be appearing soon.

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The train was a real stroke of luck. I found it at a toy shop near where I used to live. It was all of $30 Australian (about £14) and clearly a rather crude piece of Chinese (or similar) knock-off tat (the toy store was full of such things actually, which was a bit dodgy).


I'd figured out roughly the scale I wanted in advance, and lo and behold there it was. I did some research in advance which gave me the impression that toy store train sets, as opposed to Hornby and the like, are often in such scales for whatever reason. I've seen similar, but not identical, ones online from time to time. I think one in particular was quite popular for its suitability as terrain.


I think expensive genuine modern trainsets are very rarely in an appropriate scale for Legions, which I believe is about 1:48, but I doubt one would want to invest so much money into what would operate as terrain anyway.


In any event, judging by some photos I have recently of myself next to a steam locomotive, I believe the scale is right. I should build a rail platform so I can see for sure. Anyway, these shots can give you more of a sense. I put one man up by the cab to really make sure.




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Most model trains are HO or N gauge, neither of which are prefect for legions - although HO scale buildings can work well.

The scale for legions would be O, but model railway stuff in that scale is expensive. Toy trains as above look to be the best bet unless you also want a model railway.


Of course if you just want tracks you could use literally just about any scale.

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It looks the business Robanes.  I've been looking for something similar for this game and also something to go with an Old West game that I play.  I've found a few online that seem to be similar to yours.  I may have to take the plunge and buy one then modify it a bit if it needs it.

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I may have to take the plunge and buy one then modify it a bit if it needs it.

Absolutely. I took my one apart and completely repainted it - it was originally in tacky 'plastic gold and silver' colours and had stickers on it and big toy-style coupling hooks and so forth. As I mentioned a page or so ago, I also took off the cowcatcher and the big top of the funnel, but if you're using it for Old West you might want to retain such elements. I wanted mine to look European but for an American setting those components would be more appropriate.


On an unrelated note, inspired by procchi's thread, here's a shot of my complete Britannian force:


As you can see I've organised it into legal sections - I have excess Black Watch, for instance, so I figured I would break them up.


There are some painting issues, I notice. The Lieutenant with Ray Projector's goggles aren't painted, and some of these models are from back when I didn't paint eyes onto all of my troops. The smaller unit of Hussars are from the Starter Set back when I was just getting into Legions and, without an assembly guide, I assembled their jetpacks the wrong way around :unsure:


I'm fairly sure the only models I lack are:

  • Betty: I like the model well enough, and I want to support Spartan for finalising her story the way they did (although I think her rules description needs to be changed)
  • Colonel MacDonald and Jenkins
  • the new Flamethrower sculpts

I might get the Heroes of the Empire set for KoB at some point but my local doesn't have it on their online store. They have every other nation's Heroes of the Empire, but not KoB. Probably an oversight but that means I'd have to trek all the way out there to get it. I wouldn't mind getting a new Smethington as I'm not happy with the paint job on my old one.


Speaking of, in the ORBAT Smethington is now called "Smetherington". Was this in an effort to distinguish him from Orlington? I think "Smethington" still sounds better. Some people just have similar names.


And speaking of names, sometimes in official descriptions, like the Prussian Heroes of the Empire set and the Legions rulebook, Hahl is referred to as "Oberst" as if that's his name. His first name is "Werner", right? "Oberst" is his rank; it's German for Colonel.


Anyway, excuse my pedantry. I'm about to base my Grenadiers, and hopefully I'll have pictures of them up soon.

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Very nice looking Force Robanes and a big one to with all the infantry. Do you have an idea of the amount of points it is?

Well small mistakes can be made, I had it with the Flame thrower: I opened the kit and was like, "why do I have a crutch in my starter kit? Is for an infantry man to have a stable firing place or something like that?" One month later when I was painting the Flamethrower specialist I was like: "Why is there no tube connecting the fuel canteen with the weapon....ow no..." And it was indeed that crutch like object. That was the tubing between the fuel canteen and weapon and I gave it away to a friend of my for his army. Thank god for greenstuff  :lol:


I have no idea why the name is "changed" in the ORBAT, maybe a typo or indeed to differentiate the names more. For Werner I think you are right. His name is Werner Hahl as far as I know and Oberst is indeed Colonel in German. Maybe that should be changes as a clarification.

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Very nice looking Force Robanes and a big one to with all the infantry. Do you have an idea of the amount of points it is?

Did a quick add-up in my custom mad Microsoft Excel-based Kingdom of Britannia Army Generator (I have one for each faction) and, taking everyone as Regulars and with Sergeants in the Line Infantry and Colour Sergeants in the Assault Infantry and Black Watch, it comes out to 3005 points. I had no idea I had so much.


Well small mistakes can be made, I had it with the Flame thrower

Me too; I had no idea what the tube was and didn't attach it for a long time. I eventually realised, fortunately. Good thing about being able to replace yours with green stuff. I wouldn't have the sculpting ability for that.


I've spent today painting up my Iron Scorpion terrain so photos of that and my Grenadiers should be next.

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That is a good amount of points indeed and you can increase to to upgrade everyone to veteran :P


Well my sculpting skills aren't that great....the tubing isn't that great either hahaha. But I have another try soon. Yesterday I bought an old Legions KoB Starter Set for a good price and I'm going to make it a demo force so I have to make these models nice ;)


Can't wait for the newer models to show up :D

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Achtung! Here is the now-complete oversized Grenadiers section. Regular readers may recall that this resulted from Spartan kindly sending me replacements when mispackaging in my Grenadier set resulted in me having several bodies with no matching arms, and arms with no matching bodies. Thus I have 14 infantry rather than 11. After a long painting process (it's time consuming to paint 14 models at this level of detail) they're now ready to enforce the Prussian Empire's three core values: discipline, ruthless efficiency and fastidious moustache grooming.


I was initially unsure about these herrs but I think they've turned out rather well and I'm fairly pleased with them, although annoyingly the camera has brought to my attention some annoying spots on the sergeant's rifle. Urgh. Anyway, here's another angle:

I think the Sergeant has a blade of static grass clinging to his arm there. Some still-drying PVA glue may be visible in these shots.


I also finally painted my Iron Scorpion terrain today, which I glued a few days ago (I've had it dry-assembled for months on end). Here it is:







I tried to paint it in reasonably neutral tones so that it could plausibly be used in both Iron Scorpion's North Africa setting as well as more generally. I'm quite pleased with how it has turned out and I think it should bolster my healthy scenery collection for some time to come.


I've started painting my Antarctican Commandos properly and hopefully I should have some pictures of them ready soon. I'm fairly pleased with how they're coming along thus far.


Now I have to decide what I'll enter in the First Annual Dystopian Legions Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of (Painting) Excellence. I have no hope of winning, but you've got to participate, haven't you?

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love the IS terrain - looks brilliant!

My paint job or Spartan's design/sculpting ability? :D


Anyway, now that the Grenadiers are done, here are a couple of shots of my complete Prussian Empire force:




As with my Britannians, some of these are from virtually the start of my collection (and my awareness of Spartan Games, which I'd never even heard of before 2013 - I think my first exposure was when I saw someone on the Mantic forums suggest a Kettenkarre Tankette as a standby model for a Dwarf Steel Behemoth - they actually are almost the right size, although if I recall correctly this person thought it was a DWars miniature and thought it must actually be a 1:1200 scale model. Anyway...) and as such aren't up to my current standards for painting which, while very imperfect, are better than what I used to do.


I realise now that I actually have another Teutonic Knight Unter Marshal unassembled which I ordered with my Iron Scorpion to nudge myself over the free shipping line. Has anyone ever considered making a Teutonic Order themed Legions force? I'm thinking lots of Knights, of course, and Grenadiers in black and white uniforms.


I believe the only models I lack from the Prussian collection are:

  • Glücklich: not a huge fan of the design, I'm afraid. I'd prefer it if he was just a normal dog. That being said, I'm not an animal person, so animal mascots and the like don't really interest me very much.
  • Gustardt and Siegfried: again, not hugely interested in the character, as the "mad scientist roaming the battlefield" element doesn't really fit my vision of my Prussian force as quite regimented and formal.
  • The new Vierling Specialist sculpts: I want these, but I'm not entirely sure if I want the whole Infantry Expansion Set.

For Lorenzo's benefit ( :D ) the force, taking everything as Regular (except the Teutonic Knights, of course), comes out at 3065 points, probably due to the three extra Grenadiers. So the Prussians and the Britannians are fairly closely balanced.


On an unrelated note, I just observed when browsing through the galleries that DDR's train gallery features the original versions of the exact same toy train as I used, the only difference being that the one I bought was in different colours; more silver and gold than red and green.

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For the hat trick today (three in a row), here's a couple of shots of my complete Federated States of America force:




This is a little smaller than the Kingdom of Britannia and Prussian Empire forces, as I don't have a Version 2 Federal Infantry set, although I'd like to get one. I also didn't want any of the Wilderness Section materials that weren't in the V1 starter, which makes this a bit smaller, as for KoB and PE I purchased additional Sky Hussars and Teutonic Knights respectively to get the Captain, Unter Marshal, Knight Specialist etc. I also don't have:

  • Crook the Buzzard (again, not too interested in animal characters)
  • Major Beauregard and Clock-o-dile (just not that interested in them personally)
  • Wolves (see Crook above)
  • New LMG gunner sculpts

Taking everything as Regular except the Wilderness Section, and counting the Treadbikes as just a normal Section with a Sergeant rather than a Treadbike Officer with staff, it comes out to 2515 points. With a Treadbike Officer and some more Federal Infantry it would push it up towards my Britannian and Prussian collections in terms of points size, without quite reaching it, probably due to the lack of a repeated Elite section of some kind.


As I've said before, I took inspiration from the post-Civil War US Army for this force, albeit brightened up a bit. Historically (ie in the real world) I think the Americans were wearing very 'Prussian' uniforms in the 1870s because after the Franco-Prussian war the French styles they'd previously employed with the caps etc fell out of vogue, while Prussian-style pickelhauben and dark blue dress was in. The colours of my ironclads were inspired by river boats and the like.


As a bonus, here's an in-progress shot of my Antarctican commandos (bases unfinished):

To the naked eye I thought they looked rather good, but under the camera they seem to look rather amateurish, which is annoying, especially the metal. <_< I might give them another wash or two. I imagine the Covenant as being metal-rich but poor in organic materials like wood and natural fibres, so I've tried to go for a more artificial look with the uniforms and weapons, evoking perhaps the Sturginium Age equivalents of plastics and synthetic fabrics.


I've been tinkering with lists and wondering if I ought to make a couple more purchases to get my Antarcticans ready for the full release. A second box of Commandos to serve as the Officer's staff/Schneider's staff and a second squad of Automata would do the trick. I'd like my hypothetical future Antarctican force to be quite Automaton-heavy, because I like the idea of a low-population nation using robots as a substitute for human soldiers. It reminds me somewhat of Latveria from Marvel Comics, considered a superpower despite being a tiny nation because of Doctor Doom's huge armies of robots (among other things). It'd be nice to have some of the larger Iron Men in there too - as well as that once-mentioned section of elite Myrmidon Jetpack Assault troops, although I'm sure those of you involved in playtesting and/or development know more about such things than a humble collector like myself...

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So my Commandos are done, or as done as they are going to be:

The camera really does not do these guys any favours. I swear they look better in person.


To round up my 'whole force' shots, here are a couple of pictures of my complete Blazing Sun force:




As you can see, this one is the smallest as I don't have a Ke-Ho or Steambikes. I wanted Steambikes, but my local has never had more than 1 box in stock, and I want a full section. I haven't bought the Ke-Ho because it's kind of pricey, even compared to the other Heavy Ironclads, presumably because of its size. We so rarely use Heavy Ironclads there has seemed to be little point thus far.

I also don't have any of the V2 sculpts, Madame Taipan, Okinawa and Isamu, Flag Signallers or a Shinobi Kyudoka. I want a Kyudoka but don't want to fork out for another 3 ordinary Shinobi. Is Takera Isamu inspired by Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


Keen-eyed viewers will see that I have already placed the former Bodyguard model in an Ashigaru section in her new role as "Saigo Minamoto". In the ORBAT, however, I don't see any points value listed for her. Unless she's free, that might be an oversight in the new ORBAT.


I realised from my previous remarks after the Bodyguard disappeared that there had to be a new role for the model, and went hunting through the ORBAT accordingly.

"If the Ashigaru Section Saigo Minamoto is attached is routed, Saigo Minamoto will immediately commit Seppuku, and you should remove her model from the gaming table as a casualty."

:blink: Blimey.


I've started painting my Antarctican Officer, Monique DuBois and Drone Controller today, and began assembling my Automata. Four done so far, and not quite as fiddly and annoying as I expected. I've enjoyed gluing them into slightly odd looking poses; they are robots, after all. I'm glad each packet has two of the same model, which has made assembly much easier, although at first I thought I must have only received 5 Automata, because I'm daft and didn't think to actually look in a packet to see what was there. I'd never taken them out of the plastic before.


After them I only have Schneider and an Unter Marshal to go. Following that I have a tonne of WW2 Fallschirmjäger and British Commandos, Mantic Dwarf Brock Riders and Perry Wars of the Roses Foot and Mounted Knights to paint, so Legions will have to step aside for a while.


I'm not sure what my future Legions acquisitions might be. The new Federal Infantry and Ashigaru sets might be worthwhile, as well as a Ke-Ho, some Steambikes and a Kyudoka. I'm also thinking about getting another box of Commandos as Officer staff, another 10 Automata and another two boxes of Legionnaires so that my CoA and RoF forces are a bit more solid for when their ranges are expanded. I suppose it will all depend on how I feel at the time.

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I have a painting-related question: does anyone know what the thing on the Antarctican officer's chest is meant to be? It's a sort of lump and in the official paint work it seems to be blue and glowing; is it meant to be a piece of Sturginium or something?

I was going to upload an in-progress photo, feeling reasonably satisfied with the model and almost done, but the paintwork looks so dreadful under the camera that I'm too embarrassed to upload it. I think there's something fundamentally wrong with my technique that I need to change.


The drone controller and Monique Dubois are also coming along. I've assembled and undercoated the Automata. Assembly wasn't as painful as I expected.

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I though that is was a medal kind of thing. Something to show that he is an officer without his helmet.


Too bad for your camera, I thought you models looked good despite the photo quality. I hope you can fix your camera soon, would like to see more ;) 

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Thanks Lorenzo. Something about painting white or something like that... high def photos of my painting can look really ugly, which is a bit demoralising, but that's probably true of most people. I'll persevere.


I really want to get a box of Federal Infantry (version 2) but I've sworn that I will get through the rest of my backlog first!

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Time for some more Antarcticans. First, it's the Officer with Monique Dubois:
After my crisis of faith the other day I went back and revised the Officer, and I'm a lot happier with him now. Monique Dubois is... okay. I might do some supplementary work on her later. Here's another shot of the Officer, this time with a Staff of Commandos:
I think they go well together now. Finally, the Drone Support Section:
I'm fairly happy with these too, although the drones themselves might have a few bits that need to be tidied up. The camera reveals all, annoyingly.

My Automata are coming along, and I've also started painting my Objectives - I got the person-hole-cover one, and the pile of coal, oil drums and jerry cans one.


I've undercoated Schneider. I've put him on a normal 40mm lipped Officer base, because I liked his scenic base so much I didn't want to obscure it by gluing his feet on top of it. I'm going to keep it separate, as an additional Objective marker or some such.


I've also assembled my Unter Marshal, so it won't be long now until I'm caught up on all of my Legions stuff. Then it's back to the rest of the (non-Legions/SG) back catalogue before I can spend a cent on anything else in good conscience.

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