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CoA 11th Cohort "Novalis's Mercy"

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Hey guys,


I have painted some models in the last week for my Tale project.

On the moment I have finished 1 Drone Controller, A Rotor Drone and a Commando NCO.

Drone Controller 1

Drone Controller 3

Commando Sergeant 1

Commando Sergeant 2

Rotor Drone 1

(More pictures are in my Album)
I will update the Album and this topic when I have more.
Feel free to comment.
Kind Regards,


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I paint the inner part grey ones and then I put snow on it. Just snow, some rock and some frozen/died-out/surviving grass on it.

My Cohort fights mainly in Iceland and Greenland so I need a lot of snow on the bases ;)


I agree here, but I think your bases are lacking this. You should really put more snow on top of your bases as now they look kind a flat (snow never looks flat, to say it in dutch "het is meer golvend zoals zand op een strand en niet plat als asfalt op een weg"). Because of this the base also shines through it and so the fake snow looks more like white rocks instead of snow. The base of your drone for example looks much better. 


An other tip on the colour beneath the snow. Rather use a blueish grey than a blackish grey. In GW colours for example, rather use "fenrisian grey" than "administratum grey". This will also help.


Apart from the bases, the models look great by the way.  ;)  :)

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For snow bases I can give an example of what I did to some other mini's I painted a long time ago:



It was simply a mix of baking soda (not baking powder) and pva glue into a thick slurry and smearing it onto the bases. Makes things look like fresh snow, just add in a few footprints with a stick and done.



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I created it myself :)


I wanted to have one because the chance that the CoA will also get some sort of firebase section is great but I don't want 3 of them from the Infantry upgrade kit (and the rest of the kit will probably be useless for me because I already have most of the models (Specialists)) So I made oe myself for in the future :)

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Hey Everyone!


So my whole Covenant Cohort is finished now (until my new Commando Section arrives soon) but for now here are some pictures of my full force and models:


Helena & Maria

Command Section 1

Hearts Of Ice 1

Red Hearts 1

Monique's Section 1

Rusty Hearts 1


Novalis Mercy Full Force


I loved to paint these models and I hope my Commandos will arrive soon. Next on the DL agenda is to complete my last 3 Black Watch models for KoB. Those should have been finished 1 year ago but I keep forgetting about them....oeps  :rolleyes:

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Impressive force, Lorenzo. I especially like the scratch built heavy gun and the Major Helena conversion. The drone support sections have loads of character and visual diversity too. Do I spy a Fallout-style Mr Handy in there?

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