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Tactics vs Italians

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when using Russians, remember that Area Bombardment (that "weaker" firing option on the Heavy Mortar) and Mines ignore shields


when using Prussians, run some Calcification Generators to try knock out the anti-boarding fire


in both cases, use your smalls to provide "covering fire" (and as speed-bumps) to get your medium models in as boarders (where possible take full-sized squadrons, with attachment ships: 4 AP-heavy targets are a lot harder to defend against than a few ships with a couple of AP each)

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Can you give some kind of descriptions, fleets or even better regular tactics used?


To give some rough ideas:

1. Keep your fleet in order, aka, stick to your plan. The LoIS are very good in "enforcing" mistakes. If they can enforce your fleet to split up, they will outsail you, keep a part of your fleet at a distance and tear the rest apart before those ships can close in enough.

2. Try to restrict the areas where the LoIS can move. Use terrain to close the distance in cover. The LoIS win games when they can outrun the enemy, eg by denying a flank, running around the enemy at RBIII to II and firing all guns/torps at those ships that are desperately trying to close in.

3. Use units that can strike at RBIV or RBIII. The LoIS hate to take early damage as this will greatly affect their firepower. If there are things like a Sturmbringer or a few Tiksis around, the LoIS tend to get into trouble.

5. Boarding really is a key against the LoIS. Anything but a fresh unit of gladius cruisers is a very good boarding target (so bring some corvettes).

4. Go for those Gladius cruisers with big linked attacks and aim for crits or even better doublecrits = instakill.

5. Generator strikes could be useful (especially against Mars or Affondatore).


Ships I "fear" facing with my LoIS:



Khatanga (What a beast against the LoIS)

Tiksis (same story)

Kostroma (Glacier, 9 SAWs for cheap money, a ton of conscripts, hard to sink and broadsides will crit a gladius at RBIII)

Khazimovs (bring as many as you want). Fast deadly boarders and with a very good defense against torpedoes.

Suvorovs (if there are enough, keep em cheap)

Nikel heavy frigates

The dread, but its a point sink.

Basically: Take mortars, take enough acitvations, and don't take anything diving or anything that has to close in and is too slow to do so.



I haven't played against the PE in a while. In 1.1 they were one of the strongest opponents for the LoIS and I think they got even better...

Large/Massives: Blucher (Tesla Gen move in and blast away), Elbe, Imperium (fly in obscured), Rhine, Sturmbringer (but watch out for Torpedo SAS or Fortunas)

Mediums: Take a good choice of boarders imho. Donnerfaust/Königsberg could be fine too.

Smalls: Anything you like actually.


Basically the trouble is to close the distance in full force. If the LoIS manages to keep a few units out of striking distance for one or two more turns, they will focus on the first wave of incoming prussians, tear them apart and then do the same to the second one.





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The Covenant can give Italian fleets headaches in my experience.


Range 4 firepower, and Sturginium rounds for non energy weapon primaries work well. The other thing I have found is that area effect weapons do well at sweeping away the small torpedo attack boats, as well as skipping shields entirely. (AE bombing, Particle Accelerator, Energy Blast, etc.)

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Yes those little mtbs are a real pain and hard to hit with my big ships!!

Rule for 90% of all MTB situations: Never target them with capital ships if you can aim at anything else. If you let MTBs eat your Capital ships firepower you are about to loose the game. To get rid of those nasty MTBs:


- Shoot them with your non-capital ships gunnery. It is just 5 dice to kill one MTB on average.

- usually MTBs are not worth aiming Torps/rockets at them if you have any other targets. A fresh squad of MTBs mathematically takes a 9 Rockets/Torps from noch-capitals to sink one MTB and even 13.5 from capitals (which would damage an Affondatore or be close to crit a Gladius).

- Use area bombardment or CoA mad scientist weapons (PA, energy blast)

- board them

- ram them

- enforce some breaktests while the LoIS commodore is not watching over them



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Also, all sorts of tricks with mines work well against the Italians, who rely on shields and being hard to hit, especially the MTBs.


Moving linked mines, pulse generators, sacrificing a corvette to detonate mines etc.



I am a bit surprised to see the willing sacrifice of a model as a sanctioned tactic, not only has it always seemed underhanded but also as something that a captain would not put his ship or crew through. Please do not see this as disapproval, for that is exactly what I did to LoIS the only time that I faced them. I am just pleased to see this stance because my opponent definitely frowned upon that tactic. That is why I initially described the tactic as underhanded and unrealistic to a captain's character.

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