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Battle at Retruvique, 1000 Points CoA vs RoF (PICS!)

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Hey guys,
2 weeks ago I had a battle against RoF. I uploaded the BattRep so late because of the servers downtime 2 weeks ago and my vacations but here it is for you guys :)


I battle against Mortaal in the ruined outskirts of Retruvique (I don't know how I came up with the name but I did and it is now located in France ;))


Battle Report


I forgot to make pictures of the first turn but nothing besides movement happend.
My Automatas moved on the double in to the ruins in from of them to capture the objective, my commando section moved also on the double to the ruin to capture the objective. My Drone Support Section moved on the right flank for fire support and my Command Section just stood in to open to command the Commandos and Automatas (not smart...).


The RoF move one of his Marine towards my Commandos and 1 section towards my automatas. His commando section advanced to the objective.


At the end I received 4 Battlelog Points and Mortaal 2.




This is how it looked when we started with turn 2.



With my automatas activating they move into a good firing position and open fire at the Marines (the models where not assembled yet) but my rolls failed completely, with 16 dice I score 3 hits....well if you can call something bad luck XD


The Marine section advanced towards my commandos in cover and opened fire. 


The attack was successful, they killed 2 commandos but I played the Medic TAC in hope it will revive a commandos later.


My Drone Support section activated and advanced toward the marines. They saw them and hoped fire on them with the help of my Iron Sights Experts TAC (Well more enhanced aiming protocol for the drones but hey...details ;))


Resulting in the NCO dead.....but the st*pid Veronique is in the Section so that wont be fun for me probably....Remind me why cant I kill her again.... :P


The RoF Command Section advanced to my Command section and here comes the part where keeping your Officer in the open isn't good. A lot of RAD was rolled against me and I ordered HIT THE DECK!
But the attacks wasn't that good. The roll caused my Master Sergeant to loose a LP and that my shots are worse.


The Base Marines moved towards my Automata unit and opened fire with they heat lances. But my bad luck was creating a aura so Mortaal received it from me. The big RAD pool cause 2 hits.....well it is a good thing i'm not the only one with bad luck due.


My commandos moved a little bit and opened fire at the marines who where getting way to close to the objective and to my commandos. With their gunfire they killed the marine specialist.


Well the end turn came up and we rolled for the medics. My TAC paid of and 1 commandos came back in action....For the Covenant!


Unfortunately the Marines came back to. The initial medic rolls for both the Specialist and NCO failed but Veronique has the Lucky MAR resulting in 2 success. NCO and Specialist came back to fight one more....damn.....
At the end of the turn I received +4 Battelog Points making a total of 8 and Mortaal +2 making a total of 4
My Commnad Section didnt do anything because of the Hit the Deck action. Shooting was useless.....


The CoA stole initiative and the Automatas made their move. They moved into position and opened fire on the marines.


Causing 3 KILLS!!! The luck came back for the Covenant.


The Base Marines successfully charged my automatas. And because the marines are better in combat they took down 1 automata and I didn't killed a Marine....luckily I passed my Morale Test which isn't easy without a Drone Controller.



The RoF Command Section activated and moved themselves into the line of fire between the CoA Commandos+Drone Support and the RoF Marines in order to protect the Marines. 
The Drone Support section advanced and opened fire on the Command Section. Mortaal used the Sun in Their Eyes TAC but I cancelled it with the CoA Scrambled Communications TAC. The Energy fire was good enough resulting in 2 dead Legionnaires.


The Marines in the back tried to fire at the Drone Support Section but failed with this attack.
In a finale resort, the Commandos formed a line and some opened fire at the Marines resulting in nothing.


My last activation was my command section who issued a charge against the marines. The melee was devastating and they killed the last 2 marines. 
The turned ended and I received another +4 Battlelog points making a total of 12 and Mortaal didn't received any this turn. 

The Covenant won this battle, we did much things wrong or forget much things but it was our first battle so we learned. Upcoming Thursday we will fight another battle.







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Central Engagement (Both sides an 8" deployment zone)

Objectives (1 objectives per 24"x24")

Dangerous Grounds (4 Booby Trap Markers)


I forgot the actual names and forgot to write it down but I think you guys understand ;)
I will write everything down of the upcoming 1000 Points battle Thursday.

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