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V2 game, Prussians vs EotBS

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Evening all!


Got a game in over the weekend and I swore to take some pictures and such, in the event I forgot after deployment! Oh well.




Made use of the Iron Scorpion scenery for a game which featured the vital central objective and the meeting engagement deployment set up.


The respective line centers of line infantry and HQ sections moves up to either side of the central buildings and exchange speculative fire. On the Left the Teutonic knights, Kettenkarres and field gun hammered the Ashiguru on that side into retreat. However on the right the Ke-ho crushed its way through the sand bags into the central compound with the Shinobi moving down the right wall and the Ashiguru using the Ke-ho as mobile cover to reach the objective.


Professor Gustardt closed to near point blank range with the Ke-Ho his shield and some cover fending off Shinobi arrows, Sponson heavy machine guns and shotgun blasts but he was unable to do more than shake the tank. The Teutonic knights stormed into the centre hosing the Suns HQ with machine gun fire leaving them cowering under cover. However the Shinobi made it into the Prussian grenadier lines as started wreaking their particular brand of havoc and due to some lucky rolling on the battle tracker advancement for the central objective the Suns carried the day!


A good time was had by all, with much tense rolls and reversals of fortune. We got a lot of use out of the cover system which we were keen to try out. It is an odd sensation to be hoping to roll one less hit than 2 life points lost in order to avoid giving the foe more defense dice!

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