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Initial thoughts

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So with the limited "Orbat" from Iron Scorpion published... What are peoples initial thoughts?


Legionairs seems to like to fight it out on long range, preferably between 17-24" range where their Rifle grenades will do the hard work. Musicians seems to be an auto include. But they also seems to be quite fragile.


The Marines appear to be a close range assualt unit. They come equiped with flash bangs and tank mines included. They have a very short range on their guns and I'm not sure what to do with the Type 4 Heat ray. It's effective range is equal to the Long range on the Heat guns but will you ever fire it at Long range? 3 black dice on it's own doesn't seems viable at all... Admitedly, when supporting fireing the Heat guns at Long range, it will contribute 3 blue dice instead of 2 black... and it' only cost 5 points to upgrade...


What are peoples oppinion about buying command squads to the officers?








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I ran a quick comparison of a full legionairs section with LMG and two rifle grenades for effective range and long range.

Top is effective range, lower is long:






A full section adds a lot of firepower by being closer, the values of 8+ and 12+ correspond to more kills so I tend to focus on those and similar. A section of 6 with LMG and 2 rifle grenades sees less of a drop off but the overall picture is the same.

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I like the idea of splitting the section. Leaving 2 grenades and HMG with a Staff Sergeant and then having the rest with s Sergeant fun off to get objectives.

No idea what to do with the Marines? Look great at sorting out Ironclads but as no one I play with have any they seem a little wasteful.

Can't wait to see what else there will be?

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Just based on the unit stats currently available I'm really liking the look of the RoF. They look like they'll actually play the maneuverable shooting tactic that was always talked about for the 1.0 FSA much better than they ever could have dreamed of... Especially with the Officers Run and Gun order and the 16" range to actually set up the opportunity for it to be useful.


I am excited about seeing more of their units and getting the models myself to start painting up. 

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Evening all. I didn't think it was necessary to start a new topic for this but I just had my first game using the Republique, 1000 pts versus the Kingdom of Britannia. Given what I had available (the contents of Iron Scorpion plus a Pre-Order Upgrade section of Legionnaires) I fielded a First Lieutenant with 4 Legionnaires (LMG and 2 Rifle Grenades), a Legionnaire Section (8 men, Master Sergeant, 2 Rifle Grenades, LMG), another Legionnaire section (6 men, Sergeant, HMG) and a Marine section (6 men, Master Sergeant, Type 4 Heat Ray, plus Veronique Dubois).


On the plus side the French soldiers reaped a very heavy toll on the enemy. The Legionnaires, the Legionnaire HMG section and the Armoured Marine section dealt substantial damage to their respective main targets: a section and another section of Britannian Line Infantry, and a section of Light Dragoons. The Legionnaire Rifle Grenades were a particular boon at long range, giving them the clear edge over their Britannian counterparts. In hindsight I ought to have pared down the Lieutenant's staff and put the two Rifle Grenade soldiers at the very least with the HMG section where their long range red dice would have seen more use.


On the other hand, we were playing Vital Objective, and as a result of the terrain layout the objective was between two buildings on either side of a road. My opponent had a fully kitted out unit of Sky Hussars led by a Captain which was able to seize the objective in the space of two turns. The French simply didn't have a sufficiently speedy section available capable of outmanoeuvering and taking the fight to the Hussars, which meant that the objective was uncontested and the game ended by the fourth turn. Now I was fairly stupid and didn't realise that simply Shaking the Hussars would have been enough to deny them points for a turn, but I did feel like I didn't really have a section capable of flushing out this fairly sturdy, albeit short-ranged, enemy section.


Obviously this is purely a limitation of the currently available range, and had I been able to take a more powerful unit I would have done so. I feel like the French perhaps aren't really ready to go up against their more fleshed-out opponents at present unless the enemy also has severe restraints on what they're permitted to field. Nonetheless, I still feel as if the French have a very solid base as a force and should be a pretty fun and competitive army once more of their forces are available. Vive la Révolution!

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