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Commander Kane

wishlisting for syndicate after battle testing them

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Ok so I had a few games with syndicate and while their ship stats are good they seem to be lacking special rules to kinda add some flavour to them.


I would suggest some minor tweaks to make them a bit more competative, even though they do have the coolest looking ships.


1.Add option to upgrade turets on phantom and spur to beams.

2.Add option to buy torpedoes on both ships, maybe swap wing ability to buy torpedoes or something like that not sure.

3.Add option to get spurs in a squadron of 2 in 1200 pt games if part of a syndicate main faction marauders.

4.Add high energy beam upgrade or precision strike or corrosive to make beams more usefull but not OP.

5.Give both phantom and spur 1 more hardpoint upgrade, they are expensive models and should be kitted out as such.

6.Allow phantom ability to buy some upgrades like movement, wings 2 times and maybe even give it deck crews or weapon shielding since both phantom and spur lose dice fast.

7.Give spur basic movement of 9 and remove it as an upgrade.


These are just some ideas from the top of my head after testing syndicate, any and all other comments ideas are welcome.


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