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A beginners swarm

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Dear fishes


I'm about to start this wonderful game. I have not played a single game yet, but some understanding of the game mechanics and the rules. The forum here has helped, so thank you all. Since I order soon together with a friend of mine to save costs (we live in a country far far away), I get a lot at once and then no more for some time.


Here is my shopping list I came up with.


Patrol Fleet

Battle Carrier Group

Cruiser Group

Destroyer Group

Frigate & Corvette Group


We'll start with small games, but would you agree that I'm covered for games up to 1200 or even 1500 Points with a list that is more or less competitive?

Any obvious holes in my shopping list?

People here seem to favour corvettes over frigates. Is that a question of personal taste or are the corvettes clearly superiour?

However, there is no point in buying just a corvette group if you can get the frigate & corvette box set, is there?


Thank you for your comments and help. My friend will play Dindrenzi with BaKash support and an Omnidyne fleet with corsairs (or play all of them together, I dont know if the rules allow that).

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As to the corvettes it is very much so a preference for some people... they are hit on 6's instead of 5's by most ships, both ships cost the same but the frigates can fire in all 4 arcs and a max of 4 ships... the vettes have fore facing torps only available inside 12 inches.... corvettes 16ad torp attacks/ frigates will get (p/s-f/a) 10/10-7/7 at optimal range. When i use corvettes its usually as escorts for my dreadnaught as they link with his 9ad torps for a 15ad attack after the dread/bombers pounds something! :D


as to your question of just buying the corvettes and not spending the extra $5 to get frigates... you will need 3 tier 3 for games about 1200 and so you have that 2x frigates and 1 corvettes... you could stretch just 'vettes and frigates to min squad size but then you're just giving up free battle log to your oppenent


and finally as to your shopping list... awesome! Patrol fleet is always a good place to start and will give you everything but terrain, you then added 2 tier 2s (or heavy cruisers which are tier 1 in 800 or less games.... i recomend manatising i did and i love it) 2 more tier 3s and our best ship in the battle carrier! you will only have 3 escorts but thats okay as you can use the corvettes that way if you want!


To your dindrenzi friend, bakash will remove his ability to use his faction cards, and hurt his fleet tactics (determining who goes first) and he can only have 25% bakash (and/or corsairs if he wishes) so if he wanted he could have 75% dindrenzi, 25% bakash/corsairs/omnidyne! with fleet tactics of 1 due to omnidyne bringing it down... of course he could go bakash/omnidyne or rock rsn dindrenzis natural allies in a 50/50 split


Welcome to the shoal! i hope you have many sucessess and please contribute to the war log which is used for on going balance and trash talking :D your purchases once again are perfect and ideal... and hey! keep an eye out for terqaui, thier cruisers/dreadnaught work very well with aqauns, can be mixed 50/50 aaand should be on preorder soon... or so spartan alex implied!

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As Uhohh22 said, you will want both Frigates and Corvettes.

I felt the need to point out that one of the strengths of the Corvette is its ability to split fire. With six ships in squadron and Pack Hunters, you can hit a squadron of three Cruisers with either 16AD, or 2 x 10 AD, or 3 x 7 AD, or my personal favourite, fire a single corvette at two Cruisers (preventing them from contributing PD) and then fire the remaining four at one for 12AD.

Frigates are the general purpose small, our Corvettes close range and then hit multiple targets incredibly well.

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Aren't all targets for a given weapon system of a squadron declared at the same time?


Yes, you declare all targets, then the defender declares all PD, then you resolve.  Thus you can split PD because he has to choose where to apply it before your roll the attack (and any ship targeted must use it's own PD to defend itself--as Korlus pointed out against a squadron of cruisers it can be handy to have 1 Snapper target one cruiser, another target a 2nd cruiser, and the other 4 gang up on the 3rd).

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@cogetama: welcome to this awesome community and game system. The older users on this forum are invaluable for info and advice. As to your shopping list I have no criticism you can get a good fleet out of that no problem. I would advise magnetising the cruisers so you can have both heavy and normal, it's really easy as it's just a "head swap" option and all you need is a drill bit, small magnets and glue.

@korlus: good tip on the corvette's I will definitely be using that little trick from now on.

@Uhoh22: I love my corvette's I run two squads of six any chance I get, shunt them in mid game and attack the rear arc of the biggest thing they can find. Planning on getting a third box of them soon. I just can't seem to find a use for the frigates they seem totally underwhelming and squishy.

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If you combine with playing the Systems Sniper TAC; definitely!

For getting your SRS through, I'd recommend targeting PD, but it is a bit situational... Against Dindrenzi an impeded or disabled front arc is fairly useful.

I've seldom taken the speed upgrade, instead relying on more shields, and the Movement TAC.

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Yeah--definitely only bring a lot of Precision Strike if you're also bringing Systems Sniper.


A lot of effects are useful.  Besides the ones Ahmadan mentioned (both excellent suggestion) I love hitting the engines against a lot of factions--any FF ship that can't turn effectively has it's weapons disabled AND suffers from slow movement, while a slow Sorylian is usually a sitting duck because they have to get close (for most of their ships).  Ditto for Terrans (darn Relthoza just leave their cloaks on so engine hits don't work so well against them).  Really, Aquans can generally outmaneuver everyone else anyway--disable some engines and you'll literally run circles around them. 


Then of course hitting Life Support can be great against ships with Weapon Shielding, just because crew loss always hurts.

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