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Calgary-local map-based campaign

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As a player in this campaign I wanted to publicly say that I am enjoying this immensely. I also wanted to thank Fremen for setting it up! This has been a joy and has also made me start to repaint my EotBS since I didn't love their colour scheme before. 


Now if only more people lived around here so we could include all of you! :)

Sounds like a great campaign.  Will be interested to see what your EotBS will look like with their new colour scheme?

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I have tried to do some comparison shots. I is still very similar, however I lightened up the decking. Changed the deck markings on the carriers. I have also changed the camo from a dissolution green banding to hard grey banding. I have also changed the guns to be black (this I especially like on the broadsides)


Not the best photos since they are just taken with my phone but perhaps I can upload some others soon. 


The old scheme is on the left and the new one on the right in all cases except the cruisers which is reversed. 



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I mean that the paint literally flakes off of many of my older resin models. I use army painter resin and wash the resin before painting. I have even tried using a fine sand paper on the larger, smoother areas to give some texture for the paint to stick too. Nothing seems to work. Makes me sad. I use Game Colour paint and don't do anything differently than some of my local buddies but the models seem to hate me. 


The only models worse are the Heavy Gear plastics and resin models which are terrible. You can just blow on those to make giant flakes come off. 



This campaign is epic!
Very jealous of you all having this organised for you, but more jealous that you have such a good community of guys with the time to get enough games in to make a campaign work.

Looking forward to reading more.


I agree, I have loved having it and it is one of the more successful campaigns that has happened. Getting people to buy in is sometimes difficult but Fremen has done a pretty good job. We have a huge club, but also have a lot of flaky members when it comes to any kind of consistency. :(

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Sorry for the delay, but here is the map and news from last week:





The rules were:

HURRICANE HITS! Violent weather complicates battle further...

The following special rules are to be in effect for ALL GAMES this week:
- ALL models have their Movement value reduced by -1"
- ALL drift movement is increased by +1"
- Ordnance weapons reduce their initial Attack Dice value by HALF at Range Band 4
- ALL small and medium models use one size larger turning template when making any turns


And here is this week:




And the news:




This weeks special rules are:


To represent the support rendered by your nations, each player is given an additional 1000 points to spend on their core fleets. You can either spend it at the start of the week, or at the end of the week with your normal build points, as you prefer.

And remember, we are now in December, and as such, and this escalation means that the points values for games is now between 1000 and 2000.

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For any player that loses all of their ports, I give them the following option:


"As some players have had their home ports forcibly taken, they have opted to pull out of their existing territories. They forfeit any remnants of their fleet, and as they have to territory, they can collect no Build Points. However, that said, they are allowed to build a new 5000 point Core Fleet, following normal rules, and may choose to attack any zone to re-enter the campaign. All their previous territories revert to neutral status."


Our Italians, under command of Admiral di Conti, have opted to take this option.

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